Spring Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters Implementation – Press Release | briefing room | news

□ The Jungbu Regional Forestry Office (Director Lee Kwang-ho) held a signboard hanging ceremony on February 1st to mark the spring forest fire warning period (2.1.~5.15.) and began the operation of the forest fire prevention countermeasure headquarters in earnest.

According to the Jungbu Regional Forest Service, the main causes of wildfires in Daejeon, Sejong, and Chungcheongbuk-do, which has jurisdiction over the past 10 years, are 44% of forest fires by mountain climbers and 24% of forest fires by burning. rice paddies and fields, and more than half of them are caused by people That’s because of carelessness.

□ The Central Regional Forest Service intends to establish a forest fire prevention countermeasure headquarters in the regional offices and four national forest management offices to maintain a 24-hour forest fire situation management system and strengthen response postures in accordance with the forest fire risk level.

□ In addition, there are a total of 285 forest fire prevention personnel, including forest fire disaster special fire fighting teams and forest fire prevention and fire fighting teams within the jurisdiction, unmanned forest fire monitoring cameras, forest fire situation management system, forest fire mechanical fire fighting system, etc., were mobilized to establish a forest fire prevention response posture.

Lee Kwang-ho, head of the Jungbu Regional Forest Service, said, “The risk of forest fires is very high due to the recent dry weather, and most forest fire cases are caused by people’s carelessness, so if everyone pays attention, they can be adequately prevented. ”

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