Square Enix, “FFXIV” “Valentine’s Day” limited time event will be held from today! Eorzea Cafe also has a “Valentine’s Day” inspired menu! |gamebiz

Square Enix has announced that it will be holding a limited time in-game “Valentine’s Day” event starting today (February 1) in “FINAL FANTASY XIV (FFXIV)”. During the event period, you can get items like new equipment by clearing quests.

In addition, the seasonal event “Valentine’s Day” is being held until March 6 at the collaboration concept cafe “Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe” (hereinafter referred to as “Eorzea Cafe”), which is a collaboration between FFXIV and Pasela Resorts. During the period, we will provide special menus and introduce “special dinner mats” using event art.

Enjoy your own “love” and host a limited time “Valentine’s Day” event!
FFXIV will be holding a limited time “Valentine’s Day” event starting today (February 1st). During the event period, each city will be decorated with decorations, and you can enjoy quests that are a little different from ordinary adventures. Clear event quests to earn rewards like new gear and emotes.

■ Date and time
From around 17:00 on 1 February to around 23:59 on February 15

■ Quest reception location
Gridania: Old Town X: 10.2 Y: 9.4 NPC: Lisette de Valention

■ Conditions for accepting a quest
Level 15 and above
Complete the main quest “Those Who Challenge Sastasha”

* Seasonal questions can only be accepted and progressed during the event. Note that you cannot proceed after the event period has ended.

[eitem digwyddiad]

[Arfwisg](Women only)
Valentine Emily Dress Hat
Valention Emily Ruffle Dress
Valentine Emily Culottes
Valentine Emily Dress Boots
[Arfwisg](Men only)
Valentine Emily Hat
emily valention jacket
Valentine Emily Bottom
Valentine Emily Boots
* You can get one of the above reward items depending on your gender when completing the quest.
eat valentine chocolate
Valention Heart Desk
*Some items that were available during the past “Valentine’s Day” can be found in the SEASON SHOP.

“Valentine’s Day” can be played with a free trial!
For those who have not played FFXIV yet and are interested in this event, we recommend the “FFXIV Free Trial”! The free trial allows you to play up to level 60 for free with no time limit. In addition to the FFXIV “A New Eorzea” base pack, you can experience two RPGs for free, up to the “Ishgard in the Blue Sky” expansion pack, and play data can be transferred to the product version.

* The free trial has limitations on some functions.
* “FINAL FANTASY XIV” is an online game. Internet connection costs and communication charges associated with play will be borne by the customer.
* In order to transfer from the free trial to the official service, in addition to purchasing game software, a service usage fee and an Internet connection environment are required.

A seasonal “Valentine’s Day” event will be held at Eorzea Cafe!
Eorzea Cafe is hosting a “Valentine’s Day” event from January 31st to March 6th in conjunction with the FFXIV event. As well as a special “Valentine’s Day” menu, those who visit during the period will receive a special lunch mat. Have a great time with menus and spaces that evoke memories of gameplay.

* The image is an image.
* It will end as soon as the special lunch mats are gone.

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