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Square Enix has released a new UR unit “Diardo” limited to “Phantom Darkness Festival” from March 1st in the tactical RPG “WAR OF VISIONS Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Phantom War” (hereinafter referred to as FFBE Phantom War).

New UR unit “Diardo” is here!
The “Festival of Illusory Darkness ~ Apostle Blackness ~” is taking place!
From 00:00 on March 1st, a new festival limited UR unit “Deardo” has appeared. Currently, we are holding “Phantom Darkness Festival-Apostle of Black Nothing-” which raises “Diardo”.

UR unit
Destroyer Seeks Eternal Silence
CV: Hiroki Takahashi

* Details can be found in the in-game notification.
*The image is being developed.

* “Diardo” can be converted into EX job and phantom reincarnation.
* “Dialdo” can only be obtained at the Festival of Phantom Darkness ~Apostle of Black Nothing~.
* UR vision cards will not appear.
* “Perene” and “Lulugia” are not eligible for collection.
* “Dialdo”, “Viga”, “Resol”, “Lurgia”, and “Perene” coverage ratio is different from normal UR units.
* Festival-limited, time-limited and cooperative vision units and cards, except “Dialdo”, “Viga”, “Resol”, “Lurgia” and “Perene” are not eligible.

[Cyfnod dal]
From 0:00 on March 1st to 14:59 on March 8th

What is the Illusion Dark Festival?
The Illusion Darkness Festival is a summon that takes place when new units from the “Crystal Warrior” and “Kuromu no Apostle” series appear in Another Story Chapter 2, “VOID AND THE DARKNESS”. Units from the “Crystal Warrior” and “Kuromu no Apostle” series can be obtained at the Dark Illusion Festival.

*The Illusion Festival of Darkness can be held again after all units of the series “Crystal Warrior” and “Apostle of Blackness” in Chapter 2 of Another Story are completed. In Chapter 2 of Another Story, in addition to the “Diardo” unit that will appear on March 1, 2023, the remaining one will be activated.

[Cyfnod dal]
From 0:00 on March 1st to 14:59 on March 8th

Commemorating Diardo’s debut
Conducted training challenge mission
To commemorate the new appearance of the UR unit “Diardo”, a limited time training challenge mission will be held. Various rewards can be obtained by clearing the mission to train “Diardo”.

[Cyfnod dal]
From 0:00 on March 1st to 14:59 on March 8th

As a reward for Exploring a Chocobo
“Unit Missing” from “Diardo” has been added!
A new “Unit Fragment” from “Diardo” will be added to “Exploration Chocobo” rewards. “Unit Fragment” “Diardo” drops in the exploration location “Muddy Rotten Sea”. Let’s enjoy “Exploration Chocobo” on this opportunity.

【Start date】
0:00 on March 1st

“FFBE Illusion War” 23 million downloads memorial campaign 2nd!
Running a 5x JP campaign for the new unit “Deardo”
During the period, we will run a campaign that will increase the JP acquisition of the new unit “Diardo” 5 times.

* The Justice of the Peace earned in the barracks of the guild will also be doubled.
*There is a double effect with the campaign which increases the amount of JP acquired.

[Cyfnod dal]
From 0:00 on March 1st to 14:59 on March 8th

“Kuro no Apostle / Despair Training Quest” is taking place!
From 5:00 on March 1st, the “Apostle Training Quest / Kurno’s Despair” is taking place. By clearing the quests that can be challenged once a day, you can acquire strengthening materials for the job of the new unit “Diardo” “Kurono Apostle / Despair”.

[Cyfnod dal]
From 5:00 on March 1st until 4:59 on March 8th

A new EX quest has been added to Chapter 2 Section 5 of Another Story!
From 00:00 on March 1st, high difficulty / high difficulty quests and high difficulty / high difficulty multi-quests were added as EX quests to Chapter 2 Section 5 of Another Story. The EX quest that will be added this time will appear when you clear Another Story Chapter 2 Section 5 “The Beast that Devours the Infinite Abyss”. In the EX quest, you can get the crafting recipe and crafting materials for the SSR weapon “Void Spear (Spear)”, and you can get the crafted “Void Spear +3” by clearing the mission of the extremely difficult EX quest.

[Cyfnod dal]
0:00 on March 1st

bonus updated in March
The monthly login bonus has been updated from 5:00 on March 1st. As a reward for the login bonus, you can get a “Login Medal[Mawrth]”. Moreover, in addition to “Phantom Ball of Rainbow” and “Fragment of Rainbow Thoughts”, you can get up to 1500 phantom stones. Log in to “FFBE Phantom War” this time and receive a lovely login bonus.

* The login bonus changes every day at 5:00.
* Can be exchanged for “[Mawrth]Login Medal” for unit pieces, “Star Rainbow Phantom Sphere”, “Paradise Deep Flower”, etc., except some units.
Details can be found in “[Mawrth]Login Medal Exchange”.

[Cyfnod dal]
From 5:00 on 1 March to 4:59 on 1 April

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