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Square Enix and Akatsuki Games have announced that “Romancing Sagari Universe” will hold the “4th Anniversary Part 4” from December 22nd.

▼ Event details
4th Anniversary 4th Login Bonus!

During the period, you can get the following items by logging in for up to 3 days.
・ Congratulations! 4th birthday!platinum ticket[期間限定] ×150
・ Congratulations! 4th birthday!expedition instant return ticket[期間限定] ×1,000
・ Congratulations! 4th birthday! Stamina recovery agent (small)[期間限定] ×100

December 22nd 12:00 – December 31st 4:00

Sign In Bonus Christmas Gift!

During the period, you will receive the following items by logging in for 1 day.
・ Gold piece x 100
・ Introduction secret book x 3
・ Secret Book Break x4
・ Emergency secret manual ×3
・ Gem Medal x840

December 24th 12:00 to 31 December 4:00

“Holy Night Festival 4th Anniversary Romantic Festival Edition” held!

A new “Holy Nights Festival Edition of Romance Festival 4th Anniversary Holy Romances Festival” will be held. In this gacha, there are two types: normal gacha and staged gacha which can be operated with paid trophies. In the gacha stage, stage 2 and stage 4 can be performed for free, and stage 5 can be performed with 1,000 gems for a fee. You can check the style and details of the character in the in-game notification.




December 22, 12:00 ~ January 4, 2023, 4:00

Limited time event “Festival! Holiday Night” is taking place!

An event quest that makes scaling skills and techniques easier than usual. If you collect items by clearing the quest, you can get SS secondary armor “Holy Night Cape” and promotional scrolls in the limited exchange event. Also, Christmas Eve gift tickets that can be obtained in the exchange[期間限定]can be used to challenge the one-time quest “Happy Holidays! Gift of Holy Night”.

December 22nd 12:00 ~ January 1st 2023 4:00

4th Anniversary 4th Memorial Mission!

If you clear 2 types of missions, you can get 3,000 jewels.

● 4th Anniversary 4th Home Mission
December 22nd 12:00 – December 31st 4:00
● 4th Anniversary 4th Daily Mission
December 23rd 4:00 – December 31st 4:00

A limited time event “New Year’s Eve Boss Rush 2022” will be held!

A battle quest to fight the bosses that appeared in the 2022 event. New quests will be added every day during the period.

From 12:00 on 27 December to 4:00 on January 6, 2023

Other campaigns will be held!
In addition to the above content, various campaigns are carried out. Details can be found in the in-game notification.

● From December 22nd
・The “Romantic Festival Pick UP Style Development Support Campaign” is now taking place!
・ “4th Anniversary 4th Training Support Campaign” was held!
・ “4th Anniversary 4th Great Training Support Campaign by Series ~First Half~” will be held!
・ Change picture during loading!
・Home background and BGM will be changed for a limited time!
・ Added BGM to the concert hall!

● From 23 December onwards
・Double the amount of “Zweig Medals” won!

● From 27 December onwards
・ “4th Anniversary 4th Great Training Support Campaign by Series ~Second Half~” will be held!

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