‘Squid Game’ actor Oh Young-soo charged with indecent assault… Prosecutors deny suspicion

‘Squid Game’ actor Oh Young-soo charged with indecent assault… Prosecutors’ investigation report “denies allegation”

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Kim Eun-ji, Busan.com reporter [email protected]

Actor Oh Young-soo. Yonhap News data photo

It has been confirmed that actor Oh Young-soo (78) has been handed over for trial on charges of indecent assault.

According to the legal community on the 25th, the 2nd Criminal Division (Chief Prosecutor Song Jeong-eun) of the Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office charged Oh without custody on the 24th on charges of indecent assault.

Oh is accused of inappropriately touching a woman’s body in mid-2017.

The police, who received the victim’s complaint in December last year, forwarded it with the prosecution’s opinion in February, then reviewed the witness’s investigation and the lawyer’s opinion according to the prosecution’s request for a supplementary investigation, and finally sent back in April. . Since then, the prosecution has been investigating again after the victim’s objection.

During the prosecution’s investigation, Oh was reported to have denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, it has been confirmed that casting for a local performance of a play in which Oh appeared has almost been cancelled.

From the 6th of last month to the 13th of this month, Mr. Oh, who worked with senior actor Park Jung-ja in the two-person drama “Love Letter” was on the Jayu Theater stage Seoul Arts Center, is scheduled to appear in a performance at the Sori Korea Culture Center in Jeonju on January 14 next year. .

However, the organizer, Jeonju MBC, asked the production company to change the cast of Oh after hearing the report about Mr. Oh that day. Cwmni’r Parc, the producer of the drama ‘Love Letter’, also said, “We received a request from the organizers and we are currently discussing (casting change, etc.).” As a result, the performance is on January 14 next year, which Mr. Oh to appear in it, is currently being published undecided on the performance reservation site.

Meanwhile, senior actor Oh has risen to become a world-class actor, winning the Best Supporting Actor in Television category at the Golden Globe Awards in the US this January for playing the role of an oil man who suffering from a brain tumor in the Netflix series ‘Squid Game’.

Kim Eun-ji, Busan.com reporter [email protected]

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