“Squid Game” won 3 important nominations for the 27th American Film Critics Association Awards-Korean Drama-cnBeta.COM

December 6, local time,The 27th American Film Critics Association Awards Committee announced nominations for some important awards. Not long ago, Netflix’s original Korean drama “Squid Game”, which was popular all over the world, won 3 important award nominations, Let’s get to know it together.


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• “Squid Game”, about a group of people of all ages and genders who are impoverished in real life for various reasons are attracted to take the initiative to participate in a live-action game. The goal is simple, the super huge bonus, the process is not complicated, the game is lost and the game is lost. Fate, the surprises, surprises, blood, twists and turns, suspense, and sentimentality that the audience wants are not lacking. After the broadcast, it has been affirmed by global audiences, and it has occupied the top of the popularity list in various countries for many days.

• The 27th American Film Critics Association Awards nominated three important awards to “Squid Game”, which are the Best TV Series Award, the Best Foreign Language Series Award and the Best Actor Award.



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