Squid Game’s ‘Oh Young-Soo’ has been charged with charges. ‘Sexual harassment’

Reviving the ‘Grandfather Number 001’ case for sexual harassment

The BBC reported that Oh Young-Soo, a famous 78-year-old actor from South Korea, who played the role of ‘O Il Nam’ or Grandpa Number 001 from the popular series Squid Game, was the first actor from South Korea. Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor accused of sexual harassment by South Korea’s Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office

According to the documents of the prosecutor’s office, the famous actor had touched a woman inappropriately. Yonhap said that the incident happened in 2017, with the alleged victim of sexual harassment filing a lawsuit in December 2021. The police closed’ the case in April 2022.

The case was recently revived after the victim petitioned for a second investigation, with Oh Young Soo denying all the allegations. and no custody was taken

However, local news outlets and AFP reported that South Korea’s Ministry of Culture has temporarily removed all cultural advertisements featuring famous actors.

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