Sreejesh Kumar did not stop distributing wrappers on his wedding day either; The bride has to look her best during this time, because of posterity more than anything else

Wedding day at Sreejesh Bhavan, Peruthala, Pothencode. Rajasekharan Nair and O. Sreelatha’s son R. Sreejesh Kumar’s regular distribution of parcels did not stop. Now there is someone with Sreejesh to help. Pangappara AKG Nagar copper house b. Manikandan Nair and R. Sridevi’s daughter S. Ashwathy. Their wedding was yesterday.

The bride and groom went straight to the permanent center in front of the Medical College Hospital, which distributes free wraps to patients and companions, before entering the ceremony. Most of the wrappers belonged to them yesterday.

After the distribution, he returned to the hall and performed the following ceremonies. Sreejesh Kumar, a member of the DYFI Regional Committee and a member of the CPM Peruthala Branch Committee, is also a pioneer in collecting and distributing cereals through the ‘Hridayapoorvam’ project.



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