Sreejith: Is there an exchange offer? ‘Laughter Video | rabecca funny video

Film director Sreejith Vijayan and serial star Rebecca Santosh were recently married. The news of the couple getting married was taken up by the fans with a full heart. Later, funny pictures of the wedding celebration went viral on social media as well. The cute couple who share fun moments in life on social media are sharing another laugh moment.

While waiting for the signal, Rebecca unknowingly shot a video of Sreejith inside the vehicle. Sreejith’s question is whether Christmas is like the exchange offer for Onam. Rebekah answers that she does not know what to exchange. Sreejith’s response was that he thought he could exchange you for a good offer. The video shows Rebecca saying that the signal has come and therefore she is not responding and that she is going to give Christmas a shout out.

Rebecca shared a video of herself being cheated on. The video has received rave reviews from fans and colleagues.



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