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Sreeraj India Book of Records

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Sreeraj’s case is like Vallabhbhan saying that grass is a weapon. This time Sreeraj, who creates works of art with whatever materials he has, is amazed at Arimani. The photo of his favorite hero Prithviraj and his family was made in Arimani. Sreeraj Ithithanam has become a star with the entry of his painting in the India Book of Records.

Sreeraj is the youngest son of Radhakrishnan Nair and Maniamma at Ranjith Bhavan in Ithithanam Chiravamuttam. Sreeraj, who graduated in Fine Arts from RLV College, Thripunithura, completed the film in about 5 days and 30 hours. The biggest challenge was the ants. Even when drawing a day, the ants will carry the grains to many parts. This will change the look of the image. Actor Prithviraj has already shared the film, which was made for entertainment during the lockdown, on social media and went viral. Earlier, Mohanlal’s picture was made in 8 feet color powder.

Mohanlal had congratulated Sreeraj on seeing the film. Unni Mukundan’s picture was painted on Arimani in a similar manner at the last lockdown. Sreeraj also specializes in pencil carving and miniature making. I like to draw more with pencil drawing and painting. He wants to work as an art director and drawing teacher in cinema. Brothers Rajesh, Rajinikanth and Srikanth also have innate encouragement. Phone 7561820924
English summary: Sreekanth in India book of world records
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