Sreesanth Controversially Dismisses Virat Kohli’s Wicket in Asia Cup Match against Pakistan

Sreesanth Dismisses Virat Kohli’s Dismissal as Mere Luck for Pakistan in Asia Cup Encounter

In a surprising turn of events, former Indian cricketer Sreesanth has expressed his skepticism regarding the dismissal of Indian captain Virat Kohli during the gripping India-Pakistan clash in the Asia Cup. Sreesanth, who never shies away from sharing his viewpoints, mentioned that Kohli’s wicket was a fortunate break for Pakistan and should not be considered a legitimate dismissal.

“Unfortunate for India”

Speaking to the sports media, Sreesanth conveyed his disappointment for India, emphasizing that Kohli’s dismissal had been a stroke of luck in favor of Pakistan. “This is unfortunate for India. Virat Kohli’s wicket was a lucky one for Pakistan as it was an inside edge. Personally, I do not deem it worthy to be called a wicket,” Sreesanth asserted.

Having witnessed Pakistan’s jubilation following Kohli’s dismissal, the former cricketer could easily understand the psychological impact this moment had on Kohli and the Indian team. However, he also expressed his eagerness for the upcoming India-Pakistan match and maintained faith in Rohit Sharma’s ability to counter left-arm pacers. “Rohit Sharma has proven time and again that he can handle them. If he remains in good form, India will thrive,” Sreesanth confidently stated.

High Praise for Rohit Sharma

Sreesanth applauded Rohit Sharma for his impressive performance at the start of India’s innings, noting how he elegantly flicked a challenging ball. With Kohli’s exquisite cover drive, Sreesanth believed that a century was within reach for the Indian skipper before his untimely exit. Looking ahead to the future encounters, Sreesanth expressed his anticipation for the next match and mentioned India’s dominance regardless of the left-arm pacers Pakistan sends their way.

Kohli’s lackluster contribution of just four runs against Pakistan, being bowled by the skilled Pakistani pacer Shaheen Afridi, undoubtedly frustrated Indian fans. Nevertheless, with Sreesanth’s reservations about the legitimacy of Kohli’s dismissal, the debate continues to intensify among cricket enthusiasts.

English Summary: Sreesanth’s Curious Stance Questions Validity of Virat Kohli’s Dismissal

Kandy: Former India SS cricketer said that he will not consider Virat Kohli’s dismissal in the Asia Cup cricket match against Pakistan as a wicket. Sreesanth. Sreesanth told sports media that Kohli’s wicket was lucky for Pakistan. “This is unfortunate for India. Virat Kohli’s wicket was a lucky one for Pakistan. Because that ball was an inside edge. I don’t consider it a wicket.” – Sreesanth responded.

“I know him personally. We can understand what must have been in Kohli’s mind when he saw Pakistan’s celebration. I am looking forward to the next match between India and Pakistan. Rohit Sharma cannot be said to struggle against the left arm pacers. If you are in shape, everything will go well.”

“Rohit Sharma started the batting well. Flicked a good ball. After seeing Kohli’s cover drive, I thought he would score a century. Waiting for the next game. No matter which left-arm pacers come, India will dominate.”- explained Sreesanth. Kohli scored only four runs in the match against Pakistan. The player was bowled by Pak pacer Shaheen Afridi.

English Summary: I don’t count it as a wicket: Sreesanth makes strange comment on Virat Kohli’s dismissal

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