Sri Lanka: 1000 valuables missing from bungalows – Sri Lanka

Colombo ∙ In Sri Lanka, the police have stated that around a thousand precious pieces of art have gone missing from the residences of the president and the prime minister. This was noticed during the inspection of Queen’s House and Temple Trees occupied by the protesters. Subsequently, a special team was appointed to conduct the investigation.

Protesters occupied government buildings on July 9. The Department of Archeology does not even have an account of the valuables and antiques in the government bungalows. President Ranil Wickremesinghe has made it clear that although he will not stop the peaceful protest, he will not accept the form of protest that disrupts government buildings and Parliament. 9 people were arrested in connection with the evacuation of the protestors in Golfeza. Many people were injured due to the use of force by the army.

The opposition demanded that the manner in which the Golfface strike was suppressed was undemocratic and the Prime Minister should convene Parliament to discuss the matter. The protesters who camped in front of the Presidential Secretariat were removed by military action on Friday morning. After appointing the Prime Minister and the 18-member cabinet, there is a move to include representatives of more political parties in the cabinet. It has been decided that the cabinet may be up to 30 members.

English Summary: Over 1,000 artefacts missing from Sri Lankan Prez, PM’s home: Police