Sri Lanka dismisses India’s problems A Chinese spy ship is allowed to anchor

Colombo: Sri Lanka authorized Chinese spy ship Yuan Wang-5 to dock. Sri Lanka’s motion arrives even with the fears elevated by India relating to the arrival of a Chinese ship off Lankan shores. The Sri Lankan Harbor Grasp, Nirmal P., said that the Ministry of Exterior Affairs has offered permission for the ship to anchor at the Chinese-supervised Hambantota port in Sri Lanka involving August 16 and 22. Silva discussed.

Sources similar to the Sri Lankan authorities responded that India experienced not presented a satisfactory response to Sri Lanka’s concern as to why it really should not be granted permission and that is why it has long gone ahead with the methods to grant authorization.

China promises the Yuan Wang-5 vessel is currently being utilized for exploration and study purposes. But this is reported to be a ship that can be applied for espionage. This is what problems India.

India is worried that the ship could have leaked facts about Indian armed forces movements. India is also fearful about China’s rising affect in the Indian Ocean and Sri Lanka.

On August 11, China experienced asked for Sri Lanka’s permission to anchor in Sri Lanka’s Hambantota port. But immediately after India expressed issue, Sri Lanka questioned China to postpone the voyage. The Chinese ship requested authorization to anchor off the coast of Sri Lanka in between August 11 and 17.

Material Highlights: Chinese “Spy” Ship Cleared to Dock in Lanka Port Amid Indian Fears

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