Sripatum University won the Swing Chang Golf U Champions Cup 2021

Chang International Company Limited by Chang Beverage The main sponsor of the university golf tournament, “Chang Golf U Champions Cup 2021”, is held for the second year with the aim of promoting golf players at the university level to have a continually developing stage for skill development. To advance to a higher level of competition, with 6 universities participating, consisting of Sripatum University, National Sports University, Assumption University, King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thammasat University and Kasetsart University

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In the first round (23 Nov 64) made a stroke play competition. To select the remaining players to play in the final round, only 5 universities, after finishing the first round (23 Nov 64), King Mongkut’s University of Technology accelerated the increase in scores. causing him to miss to play in the final round (24 Nov 64)

“Chang Golf U Champions Cup 2021” began to compete in the swing, collecting points in the qualifying round since April 2021, this time is a competition in the finals. One of the favorites of the competition is given to “Sripatum University”, the leader on the top of the cumulative score table, led by a pro-simulator, Na Muang, who in this round has laid out the players and has a rigorous play plan. Arranging skilled golfers to maintain the championship, such as Paramin Inraksa, Jiradet Chaowarat, Natthanon Thanurat and Pattarameth Ratchata-Amnuay.

After finishing the competition in the final round, it appears that Sripatum University win the championship trophy With the team’s total score of 423 (213-210) by the athlete who scored the best in the final round, Pramin Inraksa hit the final round, 3 under, total score 142 (73-69), followed by Patarameth Ratchata Amnuay, total score 142 ( 72-70), Jiradet Chaowarat scored a total of 142 (71-71) and Nathanon Thanurat scored a total of 142 (70-72).

2nd place, Kasetsart University This round, the excellent team helped to make the points move up to finish 2nd with a total score of 440 (222-218). The main player who scored the best of the team is Krittin Worawat 143 (72-71). ), Kornwit Chaopanich 148 (73-75), Anusit Sornthuan 149 (77-72) and Kantaphon Semsaman 164 (81-83).

3rd place National Sports University This round, the form was better than expected, grabbing 3rd place with a total score of 442 (229-213). This team consists of Phitsanu Sirimeka showing great form. In the final round, press to help the team go 3 under 144 (75-69), Thatchapongphat Pongsophon 150 (78-72), Thanawat Samngamnoi 150 (76-74).

Summary of the “Chang Golf U Champions Cup 2021” finals are as follows:
1st place, Sripatum University team, total score 423 (213-210)
2nd place, Kasetsart University team, total score 440 (222-218)
3rd place, National Sports University team, total score 442 (229-213)
4th place, Assumption University team, total score 444 (223-221)
5th place, Thammasat University team, total score 446 (224-222)