Srithep Historical Park Experiences Unexpected Surge in Tourists After World Heritage Site Designation

Srithep Fever: Surging Tourist Numbers at Newly Registered World Heritage Site

The serene beauty of Khao Thammarat, a high mountain covered in dense forest, has attracted an unexpectedly large influx of visitors ever since it was granted the prestigious title of a World Heritage Site. Over the last weekend, more than 20,000 tourists, both local and foreign, flocked to explore the magnificence of Si Thep Historical Park.

Unforeseen Tourism Boom

According to Sittichai Pooddee, the head of Sri Thep Historical Park, a staggering 5,000 visitors were recorded last Saturday alone, excluding those who ventured to the captivating Khao Klang Nok area situated within the park’s premises. When accounting for all visitors, it is estimated that the total footfall will reach a whopping 10,000 people today, ultimately culminating in a minimum of 20,000 tourists overall. This astonishing surge in tourism was completely unexpected by park officials.

It is worth noting that the inclusion of Sri Thep Historical Park as a World Heritage Site has long been advocated for, despite tourist numbers being relatively low. Moreover, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has made concerted efforts to boost awareness about the site’s application for heritage status, resulting in an increase in visitors. However, it seems that these efforts were not entirely successful, highlighting the need for more comprehensive services to cater to the growing number of tourists.

Preparing for the Influx

Addressing this unforeseen influx of tourists, discussions have taken place among local authorities and various agencies to ensure adequate preparations, particularly in terms of restroom facilities. Efforts have been made to coordinate the deployment of mobile toilets with the province’s local administrative organizations. Furthermore, consultations have been held with the local community and villagers to devise a management plan for the area, particularly the summit of Khao Khlang Nok. There is concern about potential damage to this ancient site caused by tourist access.

Ultimately, the decision to either restrict tourist access to the summit or maintain the current open policy will be made in collaboration with the community and villagers. Additionally, it has been proposed to showcase local performances and traditional games on weekends and public holidays, further enhancing the experience for tourists. These special events are expected to attract even larger crowds than usual.

Expert Guidance for Khao Thamorat

One of the most frequently asked questions from visitors pertains to Khao Thamorat, a significant part of the ancient city of Si Thep and a certified heritage site. To clarify, Sittichai Pooddee emphasizes that Khao Thamorat is a perilous mountain enveloped in dense forest. As such, it is only appropriate for experienced individuals to venture up, under expert guidance. Therefore, it is not recommended for casual tourism purposes.

However, in response to this popular query, the expansion of an area within Si Thep Historical Park, mimicking the allure of Khao Thamorarat, is currently being deliberated among various stakeholders. Efforts are being made to ensure that sufficient provisions are in place to accommodate the burgeoning tourist interest.

Srithep fever Busier than expected After becoming a world heritage site Tourists flood with 20,000 people The park superintendent suggested that Khao Thammarat is a high mountain. covered in forest Dangerous Must travel under the guidance of an expert only.

On September 24, 2023, reporters reported that After Si Thep Historical Park was registered as a new world cultural heritage site. Most recently during the last Saturday-Sunday. This is the first holiday after Si Thep Historical Park was registered. It seemed that more than 20,000 tourists, from Thailand and abroad, came to visit.

Mr. Sittichai Pooddee, the head of Sri Thep Historical Park He revealed that from collecting the number of tourists who visited the Sri Thep Historical Park area, it appears that there were about 5,000 tourists last Saturday, not including tourists who came to visit the Khao Klang Nok area in lonely which is located in the Si Thep Historical Park area But if we count them all together, it is estimated that there will be around 10,000 people if we take them all together today. It is definitely estimated that there will be at least 20,000 tourists in total. It was something he and the officers did not expect.

In this regard, there has been a tendency to request the inclusion of Sri Thep Historical Park as a World Heritage Site for some time. But there are not many tourists to be found. Including recently, TAT has organized activities to stimulate awareness of the application for designation as a World Heritage Site. Which leads to more tourists coming to visit. But this is not so much. This means that the officers’ service is not comprehensive.

However, today he has discussed with the local government and various agencies to prepare for tourists, especially in terms of bathrooms. The request for toilet buses has been coordinated with local administrative organizations in the province. In addition, there was a discussion with the community and the villagers on managing the area, especially the area at the top of Khao Khlang Nok. which tourists can go up and visit them This has caused concern that it could cause damage to the said ancient site.

However, it depends on the decision of the community and the villagers whether tourists should be banned from going up or continue to be allowed to go up as before. Another issue that has been discussed with the community is that there will be a performance. local games Come to the show for tourists to see on Saturday-Sunday. and public holidays There will be more tourists than normal days.

The head of Si Thep Historical Park revealed that because many tourists are asking about Khao Thamorat, which is part of the ancient city of Si Thep which has been certified as a heritage site. How can I travel? In this part, he would like to explain that Khao Amorat is a high mountain. covered in forest Dangerous Must travel under the guidance of an expert only. So it is not suitable to go up for tourism.

However, he had an idea to replicate Khao Thamorarat inside Si Thep Historical Park. which is currently being discussed with all sectors Including preparing to expand the area to serve tourists as well.

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