Ssangyong C&B offers sanitary products for spring cleaning

Ssangyong C&B (Ssangyong C&B) under MSS Group, a group specializing in living hygiene, has offered sanitary products for spring cleaning that can be easily used by new housewives.

It is good to use a wet tissue that can be easily thrown away after use to wipe old stains such as window frames, gaps in bookshelves, and gaps in sofas that are easy to miss during normal cleaning.

‘Cody All-you-the-beat wet wipes’ is an extremely high capacity product that adds 10 sheets to 100 sheets of universal large capacity wet wipes. Clean water that has gone through a 7-step purification process is used, and glycerin is added to help keep the skin from drying out easily even if the wet tissue directly touches the hand while cleaning.

Hygiene management in the kitchen, where food is prepared and eaten by the whole family, is crucial. ‘Washable dishcloths instead of Cody dishcloths’ are more hygienic and convenient as they can be used as new dishcloths every day without the hassle of boiling them every time. It is strong against water and does not tear easily, so it can be washed several times.

In particular, as a non-fluorescent product that is harmless to the human body, it can be safely used in places where food is stored, such as gas stoves, microwave ovens, and refrigerators. It is more hygienic when used instead of a mop when cleaning not only the kitchen but also the bathroom and living room.

If boiling and drying a regular loofah is cumbersome, ‘Cody Daily Loofah’ is a good choice. As it is a tissue-like product that is used one by one every day, there is no concern about bacterial proliferation. It is made of 100% polypropylene material, so it can be separated and dropped, and it is a non-fluorescent, formaldehyde-free product, so it can be safely used on countertops and tableware.

An official from Ssangyong C&B said, “Consumer needs for large-capacity products with high cost-effectiveness and simple yet hygienic products are growing.”

Ssangyong C&B introduces different brands and products of sanitary products, including toilet paper (Cody), wet wipes (Cody, Bepis), sanitary pads (Onic), baby diapers (Bepis), and advanced diapers (Keeper). MSS Group is the holding company of MSS Holdings, invested by Morgan Stanley PE.


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