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Ssangyong Motor’s dealership sells Sevo Mobility ultra-compact electric vehicles

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Sebo Mobility, a subsidiary of Cammsys’ electric vehicle business, announced on the 31st that it has signed a business agreement (MOU) with Ssangyong Motor for the sales alliance of the compact electric vehicle CEVO-C SE.

Accordingly, it is possible to consult and purchase CEVO-C SE in 10 of Ssangyong Motor’s dealerships nationwide in addition to Sevo Mobility’s existing sales network from July.

Depending on the sales situation in the future, discussions such as expansion of sales agents will be held.

Through this, Sebo Mobility plans to use Ssangyong Motor’s sales network nationwide to promote vehicle promotion and increase sales, and Ssangyong Motor plans to accumulate know-how on electric vehicle sales before the first electric vehicle launch.

The CEVO-C SE is a compact electric vehicle equipped with Samsung SDI batteries. The maximum speed is 80 km/h and can drive up to 75.4 km (based on city driving) with a single charge.

Sebo Mobility ranked first in domestic sales of ultra-compact electric vehicles last year.

Park Young-tae, the CEO of this company, was from Ssangyong Motors, and he also served as a co-management officer at the time of court administration in 2009.

CEO Park Young-tae said, “We are happy to introduce the advantages and utility of micro electric vehicles to more customers through the sales partnership with Ssangyong Motor.” I will do it.”

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