SSG Landers reinforces power by recruiting pitcher Noh Kyung-eun and infielder Kim Jae-hyun

SSG Landers, who missed the postseason ticket this season, started strengthening their power early by signing veteran pitcher Noh Kyung-eun (37) and all-weather infielder Kim Jae-hyun (30).

SSG announced on the 1st that “to add depth to the squad, we have brought in two players.”

Noh Kyung-eun, who played 16 seasons in the KBO League, went through the entrance test and wore the SSG uniform. After joining Doosan in 2003, he moved to Lotte in 2016 and played until this year, and in 2019, he lived abroad in Geelong, Australia for a year. After recording 3 wins and 5 losses and an ERA of 5.23 this season, he received a waiver notice from Lotte and set out to find a new team.

An SSG official said, “Noh Kyung-eun recently showed the perfection of a 147km-long fastball, curves, sliders, and forks, as well as a high-speed ball through a test held at the SSG 2nd camp camp. I decided to recruit Noh Kyung-eun because I thought it would be of great help.”

SSG also signed a contract with Jaehyun Kim. Kim Jae-hyeon has been playing for Samsung since he joined in 2014 and has batted 0.143 in 35 games this year. SSG said, “He is an infielder with competitiveness in defense and operational performance. There are players who will join the military this year, and we need reinforcement of infielders,” he said.

Reporter Hyungi Kim

Kiho Ilbo – Newspaper that opens the morning, KIHOILBO


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