SSO prepares to transfer money to insurers, M.33, missing groups, 2,500, hurry up to check

August 7, 2021 | By Sparkling Team


from the first round of remittance There are still people who fall for many reasons. PSC asks you to check yourself before being transferred to another round

The insured, M. 33, don’t worry if they haven’t received the compensation. or a group lost money Please hurry to check yourself. Improve the information linking PromptPay account with the NACC card number to be completed by August 9, 2021. There will be a new round of transfers.

Mrs. Thiarat Nawamawat Ministry of Labor Spokesperson (Political Department) revealed a program to heal employers and insurers, Section 33 in businesses affected by the announcement of curfews and lockdowns in the most restrictive and strict areas.

The first round of money transfers have already begun on August 4-6, 2563, 1 million people per day, transfer money to heal money into the PromptPay account, the ID card number of the insured person. 33 in 9 types of business, 10 provinces, including Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani. Samut Prakan, Samut Sakhon, Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla

In the past 2 days, 4 – 5 August 2021, there are insured people in M. 33 who have received 2,500 baht transfer money each, amounting to 1,829,387 people, or 92%.

There are still insurers who have already received the money, totaling 170,613 people who failed to transfer money.

Reason: Not yet linked PromptPay with ID card numbers up to 90 percent of 157,058 people

and other reasons such as account closure/inactivity of 7% of 13,553 people tied to PromptPay with a phone number.

As for other reasons, 1% did not receive the first round of transfer assistance.

Therefore, please expedite your self-examination. If the check shows that the money has not yet been credited to the account Please hurry to contact the bank immediately.

or if you haven’t linked PromptPay with your ID card number Please hurry to link your PromptPay account with your ID card number.

which can make transactions through various applications of the bank that has an account or the account is closed/inactive to open an account and bind PromptPay with an ID card number to complete before August 9, 2021 to wait for the healing money which the Social Security Office will be transferred again on Friday, August 13, 2021, said a labor spokesman.

In this regard, on August 7, 2021, the Social Security Office will open for insurers in M.33 to check information at the Social Security Office website. along with informing the group of reasons why the group failed to transfer money to the account


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