STA expands production capacity of blocked rubber – concentrated latex in 8 projects, pushing this year’s sales to 2 million tons.

#Than Hoon – “STA” has made a big move, gradually expanding its capacity to produce blocked rubber and concentrated latex, completing 8 more projects this year, increasing the total installed capacity by 25% or 800,000 tons per year of 3.18 million tonnes per year. to 3.98 million tonnes per year to support the goal of increasing the sales volume of natural rubber of all types this year to 2 million tonnes from 1.5 million tonnes at the end of last year Projects in factories in the provinces of Sa Kaeo and Kalasin

Mr. Veerasit Sincharoenkul, President and Executive Director, Sri Trang Agro-Industry Public Company Limited Mr.The leader in the world’s largest integrated natural rubber business and the largest producer of rubber gloves in Thailand revealed that the company plans to proactively expand its natural rubber production capacity in 2023 to support the goal of increasing natural rubber sales volume and push Continue to drive growth 8 new production capacities will be gradually completed within this year, totaling 800,000 tonnes per year, including 7 projects to expand blocked rubber production capacity, totaling 788,000 tons per year. and an expansion of intensive latex production capacity by 1 project, namely 18.4 thousand tonnes per annum, resulting in a total installed capacity of 3.98 million tonnes at the end of 2023, an increase of 25% from the end of last year which was 3.18 million tonnes per annum

The company has recently completed two projects of blocked rubber production capacity, namely the expansion of production capacity at the factory in Sa Kaeo Province. has installed more capacity than 1.23 hundred thousand tons per year Commercial production has now started. and a factory in Kalasin Province It has a production capacity of more than 1.23 hundred thousand tons per year It is currently in the process of commissioning the machine. Commercial production is expected to begin within March 2023. Expansion of the remaining blocked rubber and latex production capacity will be phased in in the second half of this year.

of the plan It is in line with the 2023 action goal to increase the sales volume of all types of natural rubber to 2 million tonnes, or an increase of more than 30% of the year-end rubber sales volume of 1.5 million tonnes, to create continued growth, and maintain the world’s largest integrated natural rubber business site

“Assessing that is the general picture of the natural rubber industry this year. We will see demand and orders increase from the middle of this year. Countries other than China are expected to have a significant reduction in the amount of rubber in stock. And demand from China is expected in various industrial sectors. Resuming normal operations as the tire industry after opening up the country and easing lockdown measures last January Although overall demand over the past two months has remained stable since the end of the year, the company is targeting natural rubber sales volume in the first quarter of 2023 at 4 hundred thousand tonnes, an increase of 380,000 tonnes from the previous quarter, Mr Veerasit. He said

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