Stability AI Introduces ‘Stable Doodle’: A Game-Changing Tool for Generating Advanced Images from Rough Sketches

British AI company Stability AI has recently unveiled a groundbreaking tool called “Stable Doodle,” which has the ability to transform simple rough sketches into sophisticated, advanced images by providing text suggestions. The best part? Users can try out the tool multiple times without the need to log in.

This innovative tool can be accessed via Stability AI’s ClipDrop platform, which the company acquired in March. By simply drawing a sketch on the provided canvas using a mouse or stylus, users can enter a prompt, such as “Cat in 3D,” in the designated box, and the tool will generate three potential images.

Stability AI claims that the unique feature of Stable Doodle allows anyone, regardless of their level of expertise in AI tools or drawing skills, to create original, high-quality images within seconds. This application is particularly useful for professionals, including designers and illustrators, as it enables them to optimize their work efficiency and explore more creative possibilities by saving their valuable time.

The functionality of Stable Doodle is made possible through the combination of Stability Diffusion XL model and the state control solution “T2I-Adapter,” developed by Tencent’s Applied Research Center. Stability AI explains that T2I is utilized to comprehend the outlines of the sketch and generate images based on stimuli combined with predefined contours of the model.


Stable Doodle is undoubtedly a game-changer in the field of AI-powered image generation. Its user-friendly interface and remarkable capabilities enable individuals with even basic drawing skills to effortlessly create stunning visuals. This powerful tool unlocks new possibilities for professionals in various industries, allowing them to boost productivity and channel their creativity in more productive ways.

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On July 13th (local time), British Stability AI released a new tool “Stable Doodle” that converts rough sketches with text suggestions into advanced images. You can try multiple times without logging in.
It can be used on the Init ML “ClipDrop” platform, which was acquired by Stability AI in March. Draw a sketch on the prepared canvas with a mouse or stylus, and enter (in English), for example, “Cat in 3D” in the prompt box below, and three candidate images will be generated.
Stability AI claims that “anyone with basic drawing skills and online access can produce original, high-quality images in seconds, regardless of their familiarity with AI tools.” “An easy-to-use application for professionals such as designers and illustrators to optimize their work efficiency by effectively using their valuable time in more creative ways.”
The Doodle Stable is realized by combining the Stable Diffusion XL model and the state control solution “T2I-Adapter” developed by the Applied Research Center of Tencent’s research and development department. Stable Doodle uses T2I to understand sketch contours and generate images based on stimuli combined with model-defined contours, explained Stability AI.

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