Stadium is filled up with no sense; there for ANC rally - David Makhura


On Sunday, supporters come in the final town in Johannesburg.
~ Twitter / @ ANCMzalaBranch

A coalition in Gauteng is not a choice, the chairman and capital of ANC Gauteng, David Makhura, said shortly before the party's final ral on Sunday.

Makhura said that the party was confident in a large majority in the province. A major controversy on Gauteng province with opposition parties is expected to reduce ANC numbers below the 50% mark.

Said Makhura about the party's own research and independent poll, the party was definitely about virtue.

"We want to control a mandate nationally and the Gauteng province without any alliances. Alliances do not work and we are sure that our work in this campaign has a very strong mandate."

He said that the Gauteng people had confidence in the commanding party, pointing out that, during its door-to-door campaign as provincial leader, those who wanted to face the ANC had related issues.

These included unemployment and corruption.

“Here in Gauteng, we managed to ensure clean governance. We would like to address fundamental issues such as youth unemployment. Voters are telling us that the ANC must be given another chance, particularly here in Gauteng and nationally. If you ask me, I am very confident that we will return on 9 May. "

The host province is expecting over 100 000 people to attend its final rally at the state of Ellis Park and Johannesburg.

Makhura said that they expect 1 800 buses will bring people to the stadium.

"This is easy for us, I have no headache. I cannot get this full stadium. The critical focus for me is May 8," he said.

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