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STAGE Find The Real U, the most innovative “Sport Lab” potential testing room

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Have you ever wondered if Various abilities and patience In our body we are not the same as some people exercise. Or just walk more than usual Symptoms of fatigue, rapid breathing, unusual heartbeat Sweat a lot more than the average person Pale as though faint Or from what we heard on the TV With a football player in the middle of the field The singer fainted at the concert. A boxer with dropped shoulders The swimmer has cramps. Torn ankle ligament runner These are all caused by a lack of strength and improper movement of the body. That means you have weaknesses and limitations. Causing the quality of daily life to be ineffective The exercise was not as successful as the goal. If many people are unaware of these causes, injury may eventually happen. Including the movement of the body is not able to work as it should. Here, many people would like to know how much weakness you have in your body. What are the indicators of your body assessment? And most importantly, it must have a correct understanding.

STAGE Find The Real U New premium fitness In the heart of the city, along the Ramindra Expressway It is a hot and well-equipped fitness center. Of real athletes and health lovers who care about their health, including spinning, running, swimming, and those who want to develop their potential and build sustainable strength People talk about now! Has selected leading equipment, world-class standards Type used in a five star hotel And international sports league level 50-meter salt water indoor swimming pool, competitive level, comparable to the Olympic level, with complete facilities. Have a professional trainer on hand to give you advice on how to achieve workout success quickly.

Sutat Wongsuksiri Managing Director / Founder STAGE Find The Real U New, energetic executive Triathlon, Ultra Trail runners and Ironman degrees both local and international. Which has over 20 years of experience in sports with meticulous attention and detail Including not overlooking small points To understand the needs of professional athletes, health lovers, and exercise enthusiasts Realized the importance of testing the various functions of the body Before the exercise or before the training of the athletes Motion posture analysis It’s an outstanding test that many people overlook. Like a missing key puzzle

Formed as Sport Lab The first and only place in Thailand With a full range of sports science reference potential testing rooms under the supervision of experts It can be said that it is the heart and the signature of STAGE Find The Real U There are 8 tests in total, 1 of which is Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Is to assess the ability of the body to form Basic movements used in daily life Is a test program that All over the world well known It is a very fundamental matter that everyone should take seriously. In order to resolve the problem on the spot and a professional trainer team of STAGE Has passed the training of this FMS Test program

Today STAGE Find The Real U Realize the importance of developing a trainer’s professional potential. This is very useful in the present day to create personnel of the highest quality. Have shook hands with Mr. Henrik Olofson (Mr. Henrik Olofsson) Professional Coach CrossFit Thailand 3 years in a row, leading this program to Thailand Organize activities Functional Movement Screen (FMS) x STAGE Find The Real U, the first and only place in Thailand For those who are interested in participating as a test It is quick and easy to identify inappropriate movements that can be detected, recommended and corrected, leading to correct, effective and non-injury exercises. Because being healthy includes quality movement as well.

FMS Test There are seven physical movement tests that will allow the subject to know the limitations, imbalances, the risk of bodily injury, and also enable the subject to start exercising properly. Through a training model that will help remove weaknesses It gives the body sustained strength and is less prone to future injuries.
In addition, there are seven other chapters of potential testing that are important in a wide range.

1.Body Composition Analysis Is body mass analysis By dividing the proportion of muscle, fat, water, bone to know the basic state of the body at present to compare the past and present development and plan for the future. That is suitable for everyone

  1. Running Analysis It is an analysis of running posture in terms of leaning, weighting, foot placement, foot pushing to create awareness of your own running posture and lead to learning to adjust or practice running posture. That will make the test subjects run the most energy-efficient and efficient.
  2. Lactate Threshold Test This is the point where lactic acid is released more than the body can eliminate. When exercise has a certain amount of intensity and intensity Usually, lactic acid is a substance produced by muscles and red blood cells.

Knowing the Lactate threshold will allow you to have a threshold or metric. Aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, which allow us to train accurately and efficiently for the best results.

  1. VO2Max Test Is to measure and test the maximum oxygen consumption while exercising Which is the most accurate indication of The strength of the cardiovascular system and respiration This value is expressed in milliliters per minute per body weight. In addition to the VO2max value, the test takers will know. Maximum heart rate value, customized training zone, and accurate application of the test values ​​from the test.
  1. SWEAT Test Is to test the concentration of sweat to know How many milligrams of sodium will be lost by the test subject in 1 liter of sweat, which is essential and applicable to anyone spending a long time in the outdoors, or to endurance sport athletes who have to train / race for long periods of time, such as triathlons. , Trail running, Marathon, Football, Tennis and Golf, etc.
  1. FTP Test Is Bike Fitting The test was to find the right balance between the cyclist and the bicycle at the time, the factors that affected the strength and flexibility of the subject being tested Will be adjusted for various positions on the bike to suit the physical condition at that time. For the most efficient ride, the least injury and the most comfortable ride.
  1. Metabolic Analysis It is a fundamental analysis of actual body metabolism using oxygen and carbon dioxide measurements during bed rest to be used in fitness training and nutrition plans, suitable for those who want to control their weight.

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