Stan Lee suits files against a former company

The suit, filed Tuesday Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges that Pow! Entertainment made a conspiracy with two employees to steal Lee's identity.

According to the lawsuit found CNN, Pow! Shane Duffy and co-founder Gill Champion made a conspiracy and agreed to sell POW at Lee's expense.

The complaint is based on the company's sale in 2017 with Camsing International based in Hong Kong.

Lee, Champion, and Arthur Liberman added Pow! Entertaining in 2001, says the suit.

Because Lee, who helped Black Panther, Iron Man, created the complex Marvel characters in hilarious books and on the big screen, he believed he went into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Pow!, According to a complaint.

Lee says that the defendants got fraudulently signing, allowing Pow! Inc "the exclusive right to use Lee's name, identity, image and similarity on a global basis throughout life."

The complaint also states that Duffy, Champion and Lee's former business manager, Jerardo Olivarez (who has not been nominated as a defendant of a suit), regretted the death of his 70-year-old wife, Joan B. Lee last year and his bad appearance as due to poor conception.

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In addition, Lee claims that Olivarez managed to convince him to sign a power of attorney to take control of Lee's assets.

Duffy and Champion have not responded to CNN's request for comments.

"The allegations are completely without merit," read a statement from Pow! Entertainment. "It is the main view that Mr Lee did not give POW exclusive rights! He was conscious of his creative works or identity that we must say whether Mr Lee is behind this issue. POW's substantial shareholder and always with his daughter, The terms of the agreements that he signed are clearly understood. The evidence, including Mr Lee's statements and behavior, is very large and we look forward to his presentation in court. "

CNN has reached Lee for comments.

"Lee doesn't remember anyone who reads the Basic Document to him, and, because of his macular conception, he couldn't read it himself," says the complaints.

Lee filed a separate suit against Olivarez in April, alleging anti-financial fraud and abuse.

CNN failed to achieve Olivarez's efforts.

But in April, Olivarez rejected Hollywood theory that he misappropriated Lee's funds.

"Mr Lee told me that I gave him a new lease of life after Mrs Lee's death," said Olivarez. "I was watching him out during contract negotiations with Pow! [Entertainment]. He gave me a check as a thank you. "

In the days following the death of his wife, the suit claims that some people from Lee had a great advantage in lighting up their long-term lawyers and lawyers, as well as transferring almost $ 5 million from one of his accounts, creating a check for $ 300,000. condo.

The investigative piece at The Hollywood Reporter follows elder abuse associated with Lee, which is 95.

Keya Morgan, Lee's business partner and close friend, told CNN on Wednesday that Lee is in desperate need of his wife and is now better at filing the conversations.

Morgan said Lee did not even sell the unlimited rights to his image to Disney in 2009, when the company bought Marvel Entertainment for $ 4 billion.

"It's much better because it now feels it's on a road to get its own back," Morgan said. "Stan wouldn't want anyone to have his most valuable possessions, that is his identity."

A tweet from Lee's official Twitter account on Tuesday referred to identity theft.

"Help! Someone has abducted my Facebook and Instagram," read the post. "I want everyone to know that anyone who is writing is fraudulent and that I am impersonating it. How can I bring them back? Can you help people?"


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