Stan Lee's former business manager makes a positive dispute about elder abuse charges

Stan Lee's former business manager makes a positive dispute about elder abuse charges

A lawyer for former business manager Stan Lee has alleged allegations of elder abuse, claiming that all charges are “without merit”.

Keya Morgan was charged on five separate counts of human abuse in Los Angeles on 10 May, all linked to an incident from June, 2018, five months before the death of Marvel's legend.

At the time, Lee's legal representatives received a restraining order against Morgan, informing him that they would deal with millions of the writer's comic book funds, and that his client had serious physical and emotional injuries because of his associate.

Morgan answered the defense order by blaming Lee's daughter for steering a “witch's debt” against him for jealousy, and he promised to clarify his name and prove that the claims were “false”.

Even Lee was inviting allegations that Morgan was annoying him.

Morgan's solicitor Antonio Castillo III has now tackled the criminal charges, including false imprisonment, fraud and forgery.

In a statement issued to Page Six of the New York Post, he wrote, “They are worthless and are designed to draw the name of his (Morgan) in the mud and expect the litigation to come on behalf of Mr Morgan. against ill health. parties with a secret that has been bothering him and has affected his affairs in recent months. ”

“False false claims of elder abuse are full lie, and these have been shown to be previous,” said Castillo. “They are just resurfacing now because Stan Lee himself is not alive and can refute them as he has done before.” T

Stan died in November, aged 95.

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