“Star A player from the national team raped a soccer team junior in elementary school”

Soccer field

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(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Ahn Hong-Seok = It was revealed that a professional soccer player from the national team raped a junior in the soccer team when he was in elementary school.

This player is expected to have a big impact as he is one of the best in Korea.

On the 24th, Mr. C and Mr. D, who were former soccer players, were sexually assaulted by their seniors, A and B, from January to June 2000 while they were in a soccer club at an elementary school in Jeollanam-do.

According to attorney Park, the perpetrator A is a star player from the national team who recently joined a prestigious club in the metropolitan area, and Mr. B, who played a professional player for a short period of time, is currently working as an outpatient professor at a university in Gwangju.

At the time of the incident, C and D, who were 5th graders at the time of the incident, claimed that A and B, who were seniors in the first grade, were forced to have oral sex at the soccer club camp.

If they did not, C and D claimed that they were forced to alternately have oral sex because of the ruthless assault.

Attorney Park said, “The reason C and D were chosen as the’prey for the perpetrators’ was because they were small, soft, and introverted at the time,” and said, “The victims vividly remember what happened to the present, even after 20 years. And are in pain,” he said.

Mr. C retired after playing a professional soccer player, and Mr. D left Korea after this incident and recently returned to Korea.

They want A and B’s sincere apology.

Even if the claims of C and D are true, it is difficult to hold criminal responsibility because A and B were underage criminals at the time and the statute of limitations had passed.

It is not easy to receive civil compensation after the lapse of statutes for damages caused by illegal acts under civil law.

Attorney Park explained, “I know that it is difficult to resolve through a lawsuit, but since C and D’s claims are so specific that they can be specified by the date, we decided to disclose the case.”

The club belonging to Player A said, “We are checking the matter.”

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