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Night Nab Dao Synopsis for the GMM25 drama, when people in memory meet again, Kim Han and Nab Dao, Yalan Sai Code became neighbors by chance In the real world, Kimhant is a neighbor and a customer who often argues with Dao. But on the other hand, in the online world, he is Uncle Mustache, her most important friend. Let’s follow that his and her relationship How will it end up? You can watch it every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:30 PM. First episode starts on Wednesday, June 1, 2022.
starry night

Nub Dao night, drama on channel GMM25

Synopsis for the night of counting stars

When Kim Han (Bright Wachirawit) meets Nabdao (Mai Davika), his code-named grandmother by chance again. But Kim Han was the only one who could count the stars. After that, their relationship began to develop as Kim Han bought every item from a home shopping show that starred as the host. And often pretend to have problems with the product in order to get closer to counting the stars.

Another role of Kim Han is an artist who creates art, has a pseudonym of mid-April, but Kimhant does not dare to reveal his identity. count the stars is a big fan of mid-April’s work When Namhol learns that Pete is in the middle of April So she falls in love without realizing that Pete is a fake mid-April.

Shortly after, Minjun (Fei Phat) is the host and owner of the program that counts stars as the host. Order to adjust the character of the stars to look more intense, bold and sexy. which did not satisfy Tankhun (Off Jumpon), the program producer and Nab Dao’s close friend. But no one can offend Min Joon. Instead, you help take care and encourage counting stars from a distance.

As for Kim Han, who feels like giving encouragement to count the stars as well. therefore disguised as Uncle Mustache The mysterious person who sent messages to count the stars. To give advice and talk to friends, count the stars. In the end, how will each person’s relationship end? Stay tuned for more in the series. Astrophile Star Counting Night that airs every Wednesday-Thursday at 8:30 p.m. on Channel GMM25 and can be viewed in the first place at TrueID at 10:30 p.m. Astrophile Star Counting Night First start on Wednesday, June 1, 2022.

  • Directed by: Ku Ekasit Trakulkasemsuk
  • Produced by: GMM TV

List of leading actors in the drama “Night Count Dao”

  • Mai Davika Horne as Nabdao
  • Bright Wachirawit Chivaree as Kimhan
  • Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn as Tan Khun
  • Jenny Panan Sukchum as Jaikaew
  • Nikki Nachat Chanthaphan as Pete
  • Koi Atatchaporn Phokinpakorn as Nammon
  • Fei Phat Eksaengkul as Min Joon
  • Krob Patchara Thapthong as Kewalin
  • Papang Phromphiriya Thongphuttharak as Sai Mok
  • Top Tap Jirakit Kuariyakul as Pao
  • First Kanaphun Puitrakul as Poi
  • Lukjan Phasidi Petsutee as Alice
  • Ava Paworawan Weeraphuchong as Meena

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