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“Star Dew Valley” new development “Haunted Chocolate Shop” is released, the author says “The sauce hasn’t come yet” 🍫 | 4Gamers

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“Stardew Valley” developer ConcernedApe officially released its new work “Haunted Chocolatier” (Haunted Chocolatier) today (22), which is also a business simulation game based on 2D pixel art style. The difference is that this time players will play He is no longer a farmer in a mountain hut, but the owner of a chocolate shop.

The theme of “Haunted Chocolate Shop” revolves around a small shop attached to an old castle. Players will play the role of the owner of the chocolate shop. According to the official public videos and screenshots, players must collect specific materials to make special chocolates, or complete the townspeople’s commission, and the game itself seems to have a broader world of exploration than “Stardew Valley”.

In terms of economic growth, “Haunted Chocolate Shop” has the same favorability and gift-giving mechanism of the townspeople, and players can even hire cute ghosts to help you look after the store, so that you can concentrate on leaving the store and go out for adventure.

According to the developer’s blog, Eric Barone said that because “The Haunted Chocolate Shop” is related to ghosts, night is the essence of the game, which is different from the main axis of “Stardew Valley” where the sun rises and the sunset rests. In other words, if the main core concept of “Stardew Valley” is the sun, then “The Haunted Chocolate Shop” is the “moon.”

“So far, I have been developing this game with lots of fun and too many possibilities. I always felt that there was a limitation in the production of “Stardew Valley” because I was developing according to established traditions. But I did not No regrets, because this has become the side of my heart that I want to “liberate”.”

Eric Baron wrote: “I believe this is a good opportunity, but I haven’t come up with a good thing. I have been working hard to make the main course of the game “meat and potato”, but it can make this dish shine. It’s the spices, it’s the sauce. And I haven’t got the sauce yet. It’s coming soon.”


“Haunted Chocolate Shop” is still in production, and the time to market and distribution platform are undetermined.


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