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“Star Ocean Ranger 6: Divine Force” debuts in 2022 and embarks on an adventure to change the destiny of the universe on the other side of the vast galaxy “Star Ocean The Divine Force”

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SQUARE ENIX announced today (10/28) that it will launch the latest work in the veteran sci-fi role-playing game “Star Ocean Ranger” series “Star Ocean Ranger 6: The Divine Force” in 2022, and will release concept illustrations at the same time And leading promotional videos.

“Star Ranger 6: Power of God” is expected to be released in 2022

“Star Ocean Ranger 6: Power of God” is the latest work in the RPG “Star Ocean” series jointly created by SQUARE ENIX and tri-Ace Inc. and launched in 1996. It has a story that combines science fiction and fantasy world views, a rich set of operable characters and side stories, and a combat system that allows you to enjoy a refreshing battle through simple operations.

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Publish concept illustrations and promotional videos

When the news of this work was announced, the concept illustrations drawn by “あきまん” and the leading promotional video were also released.

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    Rendering: Akira

The protagonists of science fiction and fantasy symbolizing the intersection of two civilizations will unfold the story from their own perspectives

The “dual protagonist” system is back. Through the perspectives of the two protagonists representing advanced civilization (sci-fi) and undeveloped planets (fantasy), the magnificent story of Xinghai will begin. Depending on the protagonist chosen by the player, the events in the story and the characters who eventually become partners will also be different!

Many actionable roles

In addition to the two protagonists, there will be a variety of actionable characters to join the team.

Can fly freely in space

The characters in this work can freely move around 360° and can fly in the air.

Three-dimensional movement and exploration, where you can see are all within the range of adventure

This game has the largest map ever, and players can fly into the air and move in three dimensions. For example, flying back and forth between the rock walls or the roofs of towns, or jumping off a cliff to seamlessly enter the battle, whether it is adventure or battle, it will bring unprecedented freedom to experience!

“Star Sea Ranger” with the fastest and strongest action system in the series

The unrestrained gaming experience will enhance combat. The character can assault after moving at super high speed, use the action that disappears from the enemy in an instant, and can also use the skill of one hit to kill a large number of enemies in one swoop. While flying freely between the sky and the earth, you can also enjoy a refreshing and challenging combat experience.

Character introduction

CV: Subaru Kimura Weapon: Great Sword

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Young people on the planet Beg Yard who have not joined the Galactic Federation.

Served as the captain of the transport ship Idas in the family business Lawrence Logistics. The mantra is “There will always be a way.” Sometimes it will make reckless challenges for partners and work. The crew of Idas has always been worried about this.

Open-minded, friendly, and at the same time has a keen sense of smell like a businessman. Since he is not affiliated to the Galactic Federation, he is not bound by the undeveloped planetary protection treaty. In addition, he has a trait that can be said to be an advantage or a disadvantage, that is, he does not care about the status gap with others. Although such a character He was favored by Letitia, but Abelard was therefore very wary of him.

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CV: Inori Minase Weapon: Sword

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The princess of the Kingdom of Ochdias, the kingdom has a huge territory on the undeveloped planet “Astar 4”.

She has an outgoing and outgoing personality. Although she is still a young girl, her brave figure wearing armor and holding two swords is widely loved by the people.

In recent years, in order to completely change the ongoing tensions in the military situation with neighboring countries, Letitia decides to avoid the eyes of others, and quietly embarks on a journey to find someone. During the journey, she meets the person who has fallen on Ashtar. Raymond, and embarked on a journey together in order to achieve each other’s purpose.

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CV: Huajiang Xiashu Weapon: Full Moon Wheel

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A knight serving Letitia in the Kingdom of Ochdias. At the same time, they are also childhood sweethearts who grew up together since childhood.

The physical and theoretical skills for manipulating the full moon wheel are excellent. Because of his strong loyalty, he is always vigilant about everything around Letitia. The left arm is tightly wrapped up to the fingertips, and occasionally makes movements that seem to protect the arm. Although he was very vigilant about the Raymond he encountered during this journey to avoid people’s ears, he did not go against Letishia’s intentions and reluctantly continued to act with him.

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CV: Kind of Weapon: Transformation Weapon

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A crew member of the transport ship Idas, and an adjutant to Raymond.

He manages the operation of almost the entire ship, and has gained the deep trust of the crew and Raymond because of his profound knowledge and calm aura. She is magnanimous. Although she is often surprised by Raymond, she is still very sure of Raymond’s leadership qualifications.

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Beyond the vast galaxy… When the two protagonists meet, it will drastically change the fate of the universe

Galactic Federation.

The organization originated in the solar system and has always maintained the tranquility and peace of the people of the galaxy. It has continuously expanded its territory over time, and every time countless heroes have rescued many planets from crisis in the name of “Federation”.

However, it is 583 years in the universe. The huge galactic federation sometimes swallows even the unintentionally joined planets, and the hands of “righteousness” are about to be stained with darkness.

A transport ship has never joined the advanced planet Beg Yard of the Galactic Federation, and Raymond Lawrence is the captain of this ship. When he was carrying out a cargo mission on a familiar route, he was attacked by the Astoria battleship, and this battleship was riding on the famous “Kenny family” in the Galactic Federation.

As a result, Raymond and the crew Koroai had to rush to the undeveloped planet Astar 4 in an emergency.

However, just before landing, the emergency shelter crashed due to an EMP attack from the surface. He was separated from his partner on this strange planet.

Raymond fell due to a fatal attack and was attacked by native creatures. It was Laetitia Ochdias, the first princess of the Kingdom of Ochdias who saved him.

In order to save the motherland threatened by the neighboring Bayer Empire, Letitia sought help from Raymond, who appeared on a meteor flying across the sky. Raymond accepted the request and asked the princess to help him find Kuroa in exchange. condition.

However, when Raymond was searching for Kulaai and a way to fight against the Bayer Empire on Astar 4, he once again found that the Galactic Federation was waiting for an opportunity in the dark.

“Ray, where are you from?”

“I came to this planet from the other side of the sky.”

When the two confronting the threat of immense power meet, the galaxy will begin to write another new history.

Art picture introduction

Concept map

Game world screen

Game screen


development team

  • Development: tri-Ace Inc.

  • Screenplay: Yoshiharu Gotanda

  • Satoshi Wagahara

  • Shunsuke Sarai

  • Music: Sakura Garden

  • Square color design: Akira

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Product Information

  • Game name: Star Sea Ranger 6: Power of God

  • Release Date: Expected to be released in 2022

  • Support flat: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, XboxOne, Xbox Series X | S, Steam

  • Game type: RPG

  • Number of players: 1

  • Support voice: Japanese, English

  • Support subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese

  • Suggested Price: Undecided

  • Official website: https://www.jp.square-enix.com/so6/

※ The game screens are all PS5 development screens.

© SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Developed by tri-Ace Inc.


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