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Star throws bottle at fans; Battle on the ground | Nice vs Marseille match Abandoned

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Tensions erupted as fans and the players of the visiting team came face to face with Porvili during the League One match in Paris, France. Tensions erupted at the ground during yesterday’s Nice-Marseille match. During the match at the Nice ground, the Marseille players clashed with the fans. The match was called off after a group of fans came to the ground and tried to confront the players. The video of the incident went viral on social media.

He then tried to resolve the tension and continue the match, but the Marseille players refused to come on the field. In the first match against Montpellier, which Marseille won 3–2, the news was that the fans had bottled up the ground. This was followed by a bottleneck by the fans from the start of the match against the Marseille players who came to play at the Nice ground.

The clashes erupted when a bottle thrown by Nice fans from the gallery during the match was pulled out by Marseille’s French player Dimitri Payet. The incident happened when Nice was leading by a goal scored by Caspar Dolberg early in the second half. A bottle flew out of the gallery as Poet began to take a corner in favor of Marseille in the match and the star fell out.

Poet fell to the ground in a water bottle. Poet jumped up and took the bottle without wasting a single moment and threw it back to the fans. The Nice players were trying to block when the Poet fans were returning. When the player took the bottle and returned to the gallery, the fans got angry and came to the ground. Meanwhile, a bottle and other objects were thrown from the gallery at the Marseille players.

The crowd of fans targeting Poet was somehow blocked by security personnel and Nice players. Meanwhile, some of the Nice players and the Marseille players can be seen clashing on the ground. The match was called off and the referee stopped the match in the 75th minute. The Nice president asked fans to exercise restraint through Mike, but to no avail. After much effort, the Marseille players decided to resume the match, suppressing the fans, but refused to come on the field.

Marseille president Pablo Longoria has said that they will be bottlenecked for the second time in a row. Nice President Jean-Pierre Rivero has said that the Marseille players’ behavior was flawed.

English Summary: Bottles hurled at Dimitri Payet as massive crowd trouble leads to abandonment of Nice vs Marseille match


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