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Starbucks ‘Winter e-Frequency’ Customer Appreciation Event… Introduced 9 kinds of free gifts – Cheonji Ilbo

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3 types of ‘Winter e-Frequency’ gifts. (Provided by Starbucks)

Representative thank-you event held for 19 years

Prevention of distortion of the meaning of the event and

Introduction of improvement plan for store operation

[천지일보=황해연 기자] Starbucks Coffee Korea Co., Ltd. announced on the 28th that it will hold a ‘Winter e-Frequency Event’ to convey the meaning of gratitude to customers until December 31st to mark the end of the coming year.

The Winter e-Frequency event is a representative gift-giving event that has been held since 2003 to give thanks to customers who have visited Starbucks throughout the year. Considering that regular customers visit on average twice a week, if you purchase 17 drinks during the 9-week event period, you will receive a gift as a token of appreciation.

This year, a total of 9 types of gifts, including 3 types of ‘2022 Planner’, 3 types of portable blankets ‘Comforter’ and 3 types of ‘Analog Watch’, to reflect the diverse tastes of customers and to become a gift event that will satisfy as many customers as possible. this is provided

In order to ensure that the meaning of customer appreciation is not distorted and the original purpose is conveyed, the online reservation system is improved, the date of first receipt of the gift is adjusted, the production of gifts increased by 25% compared to the previous year, and the reservation quantity is limited to prevent resale. . In particular, we plan to do our best to ensure smooth operation of the store while everyone can enjoy a comfortable Starbucks unique event experience.

This winter e-frequency operates a mobile reservation system that optimizes online convenience, the same as last summer’s e-frequency. First of all, in order to prevent connection delays caused by frequent customer access to the reservation system when the event ends or when the stock of a specific gift is imminent, the system has been efficiently improved and a server has been added.

In particular, when access to the app is not smooth, the initial connection screen is dualized and the ‘Siren Order Order Service’ and ‘Gift Reservation’ menus are operated separately to minimize inconvenience to customers ordering siren due to gift reservations.

Considering the store congestion on the first day of the event, it is operated so that customers can receive gifts from November 1, not October 28, when the event starts, in order to minimize inconvenience to customers visiting the store and to facilitate the distribution and presentation of gifts. Reservations can be made from October 28th. Additional components that were provided separately with the planner will also be packaged and provided within the planner to enhance convenience.

3 planners.  (Provided by Starbucks)
3 planners. (Provided by Starbucks)

Starbucks plans to provide an e-frequency experience that more customers can enjoy and receive gifts with peace of mind by producing a 25% increase in the number of gifts this year compared to the previous winter.

As with this summer’s e-frequency event, one ID can only make up to 5 reservations per week, including the first reservation. No matter how many drinks are purchased, the number of gifts that can be received for a week is limited to prevent resell that distorts the purpose of the event, and to convey the true meaning of the gift-giving event to share gratitude.

If sufficient quantities are prepared for each gift, but each item is sold out early depending on the logistics situation and production schedule, two free drink coupons (tall size) will be presented instead after prior notice. The convenience of customers has been improved by changing the free drink coupons that are given out instead of receiving them on the Starbucks app from the way customers visited the store and received them on the spot.

For customer convenience and store operation efficiency, the defect exchange process is also changed. Previously, it was necessary to return defective products to exchange defective gifts and visit the store at least twice to receive normal products. However, the same product change principle applies to free gifts that are changed due to defective products.

Hee-jeong Choi, Starbucks Marketing Manager, said, “The e-frequency event is a traditional thank-you event to convey sincere gratitude to many customers who have visited Starbucks for one year. We will continue to listen to complaints and make improvements for this event.”

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