Starfield Surpasses 230,000 Concurrent Users on Steam Before Official Release

An American gaming media outlet, VG247, has reported that Starfield, the highly anticipated open world RPG developed by Bethesda, has already garnered immense popularity even before its official release. Surpassing 230,000 concurrent users on Steam, the game has created quite a buzz within the gaming community.

Although the official release date for Starfield is set for September 6th, players who purchased the digital premium edition have been granted early access since September 1st.

According to Steam DB, Starfield achieved an impressive peak of 234,502 concurrent users on its release day.

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VG247, also known as SteamDB, has expressed their surprise at diligently tracking a game’s progress during the early access phase. Normally, Steam only provides data once a game has been officially released. As a result, Starfield’s reviews are not currently accessible on the Steam store page, and the game does not appear on the list of most played games.

It is worth mentioning that, among Bethesda’s previous releases, Fallout 4 remains the reigning champion, with a peak of 472,962 concurrent users on its release day.

VG247, an American game media, reported on the 2nd (local time) that the new open world RPG Starfield developed by Bethesda surpassed 230,000 concurrent users on Steam before its official release.

Starfield’s official release date is September 6, but digital premium edition buyers have been able to play the game since the 1st.

According to Steam DB, Starfield recorded 234,502 concurrent users on release day.

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Starfield Image (Photo = Bethesda Softworks YouTube)

He explained that it was unusual for SteamDB, aka VG247, to track the trend from early access to a particular game. Steam only releases related data after the game is officially released. In fact, for this reason Starfield reviews are not currently released on the Steam store page and Starfield’s name cannot be found in the list of the most played games.

Meanwhile, among the games that Bethesda has released so far, Fallout 4 recorded the highest number of concurrent users on the day of release with 472,962.

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