Starlight, Modi Prabha; ‘Yuvam’ Tira by the shore

Kochi ∙ Prime Minister Narendra Modi called ‘Youth, you lead, I walk with you’. Moving lights were shown in front of the stage. Answer by Arthirambi Yuvasagaram. Narendra Modi’s speech, which lasted more than 50 minutes, was enthusiastically received by tens of thousands of people. From time to time, praise and slogans accompanied the criticism against Kerala’s stunted development and corruption on both sides.

The Prime Minister did not hesitate to give an account to the two fronts of Kerala in his speech even though the announcement was made as a non-political youth conference. Forgetting the heavy sun and the heat, the students and the youth started flocking to the grounds of Thevara Sacred Heart College from half past noon. The organizers welcomed everyone who came to the non-ballet field with hats to protect them from the hot sun. Drinking water was also provided.

After the boredom of waiting, the musician Stephen Devassy and his band arrived, and the young people joined together in rhythm, step and song. Actress Navyanair then took to the stage with a classical dance specially arranged for the youth. Apart from kirtans, ‘Vandematara’ also did Navya steps freely.

As soon as the youth conference started on the main stage, all eyes were on the stage. Young leaders including MP Tejaswi Surya and Anil K. Antony, stars and singers including Suresh Gopi, Navya Nair, Unnimukundan, Aparna Balamurali, Vijay Yesudas and Harishankar hit the stage and the excitement was high. The announcement that the Prime Minister would arrive at any moment invited all eyes to the big screen in the venue.

The youngster’s first greeting with clapping and shouting on the footage of Modi’s roadshow coming out of the college. Later, the excitement reached its peak when the scenes of Modi coming out on stage wearing kasavumund, jubba and kasavu shawl were shown on screen. The youth greeted the Prime Minister by chanting ‘Modi, Modi’ and chanting slogans.

As part of SH College’s Platinum Jubilee, Tejashwi Surya’s speech was ignited by reiterating that ‘the Prime Minister is the architect of New India’ as he entered the stage after planting an Elanji tree in the college grounds.

English Summary: PM Modi attends Yuvam Conclave in Kochi


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