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Start before the lottery is released! Shining the holy water bowl to worship father, grandfather-mother-grandmother Open Kham Chanot tomorrow – fresh news

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Open the first day of Kham Chanot tomorrow. Ban Dung District Chief Worshiping ceremony done before the tourists come to pay respect While the participants in the ceremony did not miss Look at the first bowl number before the lottery is released.

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At 9:00 a.m. on October 31, 2021 at Nakin Kham Chanod Palace Ban Muang Subdistrict, Ban Dung District, Udon Thani Province Mr. Warut Wisitsilp, Ban Dung District Chief Mr. Pongsak Srichana, Kamnan, Ban Muang Subdistrict, along with the Khamchanod Committee And the officials involved in the worship ceremony Chao Pu Sri Suttho and Mother Yaa Pathumma to prepare to open “Kham Chanot” for tourists to come to pay respects on November 1.

with preparation for improvement and cleaning of the area Prepare the entrance and exit routes Prepare a waiting area to reduce congestion Limited to 50 finalists per round. Organizing the shop. and lottery sales area After the ceremony, the participants gathered to take pictures of the holy water number. and the number of incense at the worship point is 951, while the holy water number is different, there are many numbers, such as 5 0 3 6 9.


Mr. Warut revealed that Today, the Kham Chanot committee On the auspicious occasion of making an offering ceremony to ask for forgiveness from Grandfather Srisuttho and Grandma Prathumma, we would like to officially open Kham Chanot. in order to welcome tourists who will come to pay homage to the parents It will start on November 1, 2021 after being closed for more than 7 months due to the Covid situation. by those who will come to worship Tourists must register through the app. “Tai Kham Chanot” if anyone is unable to register through the Kham Chanod app. Call this number 064-9738384, 065-8859065. There will be staff. of the Kham Chanot Center for another direction

Prepare to open Kham Chanot

Ban Dung District Chief added that For worshiping father, grandfather – mother, grandmother, Pathumma. on Monday – Friday Can enter 2,000 people, while Saturday – Sunday can enter 3,000 people and reiterate that tourists who come must be vaccinated against COVID in accordance with the criteria of the Ministry of Public Health, which is to have 2 injections of vaccination if there are tourists who have not been vaccinated by the committee will not allow entry and there will be no walk-in as usual As for the staff and traders, they will have to receive 2 doses of the vaccine and have an ATK test every 10 days. Proactively search for risk groups. to prevent the spread of infection in the area It is to build confidence for tourists and residents of Udon Thani.

“We are worried and worried about closing again. But we don’t panic. because the epidemic situation still exists But to drive the community economy, we will do our best. Must enter the period in preventive measures, we have measures to limit the distance to 50 people per round, 2,000 people on weekdays and 3,000 baht on holidays. If the situation improves, we will expand the number of tourists who will pay homage to Grandfather Sri. Suttho and Grandma Pratum come more.”

Prepare to open Kham Chanot

while the merchant-seller stated Glad that Kham Chanot will be back open tomorrow. because I haven’t traded since April During the off period, we have to find general labor, farming, sufficiency farming. Now the merchants have started to invest in buying things to prepare for sale. But if it’s opened and a new wave of covids is born, I think it’s going to be difficult again. because they bought things to sell I would like to say to tourists who will come to Kham Chanod. Try to complete the two vaccinations as scheduled. In order to be able to prostrate inside properly the practice of Kham Chanod

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