Started accepting orders for acrylic bromides (with stands), mugs, T-shirts, and clear files from the TV anime “Extreme Hearts”! | Azmaker Co., Ltd. press release

▼ Orders are accepted at “Chara ON!”

【Product list】
“Acrylic bromide (with stand)” “Smoke cup” “T-shirt” “Clear file”

  • Acrylic bromide (with stand)

■Price: 1,320 yen each (tax included)
■Type: 3 types
■ Size: about 118 × 74mm
■Material: Acrylic (body), PVC (stand)
■ Dedicated stand included

■ Price: 1,650 yen (tax included)
■ Size: H95mm Φ82mm
■Material: Pottery (Stoneware)
■Capacity: 350ml

■Price: 3,300 yen each (tax included)
■Type: 3 types
■ Size: Size M (Length 68cm / Width 50cm / Shoulder width 46cm / Sleeve length 20cm)
■ Size: size L (length 71cm / width 53cm / shoulder width 49cm / sleeve length 21cm)
■ Size: XL size (length 75cm / width 56cm / shoulder width 52cm / sleeve length 22cm)
■Material: Cotton

■Price: 440 yen each (tax included)
■Type: 2 types
■ Size: about 220 x 310 (mm)
■Material: Polypropylene


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