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Started support for Apple Music and PS5.Music playback and operation during gameplay is also possible –Engadget Japanese version

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Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today (28th) that Apple Music has started supporting PlayStation 5. For the first time, the Apple Music app is available for home video game consoles, giving PS5 players around the world access to Apple’s extensive music library.

Shortly before the official announcement of this news, some preludes were found.

For example, the “Apple Music” icon was found in the PS5 music menu, and “game console” was mentioned on the Apple Music advertising site for people who purchased AirPods and Beats products. Based on this peripheral information, it was expected that the service would start soon. This time it looks like it was officially announced.

With the Apple Music app on PS5, you can listen to more than 90 million songs, tens of thousands of playlists, and “radio” that delivers live music. It also supports music video playback with up to 4K resolution.

Also, on PS5, you can enjoy Apple Music music anytime before, during, or after playing the game. In addition, the music video will play uninterrupted when you return to gameplay or start another operation on the PS5 home screen.

In addition, the music playing in the background of the game can be controlled even during play by pressing the PS button on the controller and opening the music settings, which is a good way to realize multitasking listening.

If you have a PS5, simply download the Apple Music app from the PS5 media space and follow the on-screen instructions to link your Apple Music account.

There are two ways to link, one is to read the QR code from an Apple product and the other is to manually enter your Apple ID credentials. Please check here for details.

Apple has updated the official support page for the Apple Music app for smart TVs and renamed it “Smart TVs or Game Consoles.” On the other hand, Sony also describes it as “the first integrated Apple Music experience for home video game consoles.”

From these texts, Apple Music is likely to be offered as an app for the Xbox Series X | S in the future.


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