Home Sports Starting tonight, “Euro 2020” opens the record for “Italy” over Turkey.

Starting tonight, “Euro 2020” opens the record for “Italy” over Turkey.

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“Football Euro 2020: Euro 2020” kicks off tonight at 2 am. “Italy” meets “Turkey” to open the record for macaroni over zombies.

Reporters reported that Euro 2020 Football (Euro 2020) Will kick off the stage tonight. It is the first match of the tournament at 2:00 AM (June 12, 64) in Thailand time.

The first leg of Euro 2020 will be the group stage of Group A between Italy with Turkey Which will be played at the Stadio Olimpico, Rome, Italy, which for Thailand will be broadcast live onNBT HD TV Station Channel number 2

which the work of meeting between Italy and Turkey, who met 5 times, Italy won 2 times, tied 3 times, Turkey has never beaten Italy once

The statistics are as follows:

  • 16 Nov 2006 – Warm-up: Italy 1-1 Turkey
  • 21 Nov 2002 – Warm-up: Italy 1-1 Turkey
  • 11 Jun 2000 – Euro2000 : Italy 2-1 Turkey
  • 25 Feb 1973 – World Cup: Italy 1-0 Turkey
  • 13 Jan 1973 – World Cup: Italy 0-0 Turkey

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