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Lift the Thai national team Starting weightlifting at the SEA Games, the first day with gold

Lifting Thai iron, the first day of the SEA Games, luxurious, won 2 gold medals, 1 silver medal, Secretary General of the Amateur Weightlifting Association of Thailand Satisfied because only the first day is considered to have exceeded expectations. Still believes that in the days to come, athletes will continue to produce results. by grabbing any coin

On 19 May 65, the 31st SEA Games weightlifting competition was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. held in Hanoi Sports Training And Competition Center is the first day of the competition. There are 3 competitions, 3 gold medals, starting at 45 kg female Thanyathorn Sukcharoen, owner of 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal from the latest World Weightlifting Championships. In Uzbekistan, in snatch, Thanyathorn lifted through all three times with a weight of 75, 77 and 79 kilograms, better than the SEA Games record, but Fong Mai Kong from Vietnam raised 80 kilograms, making a record. New SEA Games come up again.

In the clean and jerk position, Thanyathorn Sukcharoen did his best in the second round of 95 kg, bringing his total weight to 174 kg, better than the SEA Games record. won the first gold medal for the Thai team The bronze medal went to Harirah Siti Nafisatul from Indonesia, 162 kg.

Most recently, Thanyathorn Sukcharoen said after the race that I’m glad I did my best in my first SEA Games. I would like to thank the Thai brothers and sisters who have always supported the weightlifters. Everyone in the team will do their best to win medals.

The Thailand team’s second gold medal came from the women’s 49 kg category, Surjana Khambao, who won 3 gold medals at the World Weightlifting Championships last year in Uzbekistan at the end of last year. In excellent form, he broke all three SEA Games records: 88 kg snatch, 107 kg clean and jerk and 195 kg total weight. The previous record was held by Isah Windy Kantika of Indonesia. The bronze medalist of the Tokyo Olympics at 86, 104 and 190 kg, but this SEA Games, Windy failed to lift a 100 kg clean and jerk three times. The silver medal went to Dinh Thi Pham of Vietnam, 183 kg and the medal. Copper Roseji Amis Ramos from the Philippines 179 kg.

As for the 55 kg men’s category, Tada Somboonuan won a silver medal with 256 kg, the gold medal went to Lai Gia Than from Vietnam, 268 kg, and the bronze Mohmad Anik Bin Khasdan from Malaysia, 252 kg.

Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Apinya Dachthayawat, Secretary General of the Amateur Weightlifting Association of Thailand Talking about the results of today’s competition, Considered beyond the target because before coming to the competition, the association has set a goal of only 1 gold medal. It is believed that the grand opening of the competition today will give all athletes great morale. and will try to do his best I want sports fans to continue to cheer each other on. It’s definitely fun.

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