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State-Bank of Thailand-Bankers Association Shake hands to help accelerate SME-Maintain employment levels – New graduates

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State-Bank of Thailand-Bankers Association Shake hands to help accelerate SME-Maintain employment levels – New graduates

On May 30, Ms. Ratchada Thanadirek, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that according to the government’s Royal Decree (Royal Decree), helping and rehabilitating businesses affected by COVID-19 Or the new Softloan Act, which consists of 1) Credit measures to restore the amount of 250,000 million baht by helping entrepreneurs gain access to low-interest loans Not more than 2 percent per annum during the first 2 years, averaging not more than 5 percent per year throughout the measure period, and 2) support measures for the transfer of collateral assets for debt repayment. In which the business operator has the right to buy the property back later Or measures to suspend the debt amount of 100,000 million baht, has come into effect on the past April. The Bank of Thailand (BOT) and the Thai Bankers’ Association are aware of this urgency. And it has already been discussed in order to determine a guideline for assisting the debtor to be fast enough and thoroughly hit by the target group. Especially the SME group As for the amount of assistance from the latest loan recovery measures, the BOT reported that it was 1.6 billion baht, covering more than 6 billion debtors, 63 percent of which spread to SMEs. The value of the assets transferred is 910 million baht.

Ms. Ratchada said that the state bank. Has issued a variety of low-interest loans, such as small and medium-sized enterprise development banks. 2% interest business recovery loan for the first 2 years, maximum loan term of 7 years, small loan coverage for businesses affected by COVID19. Both direct and indirect That does not require collateral, the Government Savings Bank offers credit for tourism businesses. Interest in the first year 0.10% and then increase in the following year. Principal repayment within 3 years and also provides loans to startups and non-bank entrepreneurs. There is a 2% interest business loan for the first 2 years, guaranteed by the Small Industry Credit Guarantee Corporation (TCG), etc. There is also cooperation between the Thai Retailers Association. With 5 major banks to link SME operators in the retail chain To facilitate quick and easy credit determination through a digital factoring platform, more than 1,000 SMEs have initially been approved, 70 percent of whom have never had access to low-interest loans.

Ms. Ratchada said that for measures to stay debt accommodation. There has been some progress. Because it is a new measure The debtor is in the process of understanding details, rules and procedures. By groups that are interested in projects such as hotel business, real estate And rental properties Scattered both in Bangkok and other provinces Which commercial banks expect There will be many more people entering the project soon.

“In general, the government has accelerated its efforts to resolve the country’s economic problems. Cover export Government investments that focus on investment in infrastructure to stimulate the economy. Foreign investment And domestic consumption Including taking care of SMEs entrepreneurs Providing access to low-interest funding sources together with the BOT while maintaining employment levels Helping new graduates to have a job, ”Ms. Ratchada said.

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