State Registered Welfare Card 2022, verified, status incomplete, date corrected

status reportRegister for the state welfare card 2022 Of those who registered between 5-8 September 2022 who started checking their registration status since September 16, 2022, it was found that people who passed the information check with the Department of Provincial Administration showed.

  • Complete registration status, total 4,282,429
  • out of a total of 5,246,699
  • from those with full registration status in this group No action required Please wait for the qualification exam results and the results will be published in January 2023.

As for those who check, they found that “Registration status is incomplete” Another 964,270 people found the message “because the registrant’s information does not match the Provincial Administration Department’s database for the following reasons:

  • Those who are registered as monks/novices/nuns
  • Registration information not found.
  • The registrant’s personal status is invalid. died or moved abroad or sold
  • The registrant is not of Thai nationality.
  • The registrant is under 18 or the date of birth format is incorrect.
  • The registrant has a spouse
  • The registrant informs the spouse’s information incorrectly. The registrant informs the complete number of children But the child’s ID card number is incorrect.
  • The registrant who informs the number of children is not complete Check the number of children and the ID card number of each child.

In case of incomplete registration because the registrant has a spouse But the fact that the registered person’s spouse is dead and that he has the spouse’s death certificate. This group of registrants is asked to check their registration status again on Tuesday, September 20, 2022 from 6:00 AM onwards.

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