State-run Chinese newspaper “NATO approves Korean delegation, exacerbating regional conflicts and divisions”

President Yun Seok-yeol shakes hands with NATO Secretary General

[연합뉴스 자료사진]

(Beijing = Yonhap News) Reporter Han Jong-koo = North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) approval of South Korea’s request to set up a representative office, state-run media representing the Chinese government argued that it would escalate conflict and division in the region.

The Global Times, which is affiliated with the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, reported on the presence of President Yun Seok-yeol at the NATO summit on the 29th and the NATO approval process for the opening of the Korean delegation.

Dazgang Dazgang, director of the Northeast Asia Research Center at the Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, said, “The stronger partnership between Korea and NATO mainly targets the Korean Peninsula. “We aim to find an advantageous attraction in the game, ” he said. He said.

The newspaper reported that the introduction of NATO, led by the United States, into regional security would increase instability in the Indo-Pacific and Northeast Asia, according to experts.

“Giving way to NATO by exacerbating diplomatic autonomy will not serve South Korea’s economic and security interests in the long term, and will exacerbate conflict and division in the region,” he said.

China has not hidden its critical stance towards South Korea, which seeks to strengthen cooperation with NATO.

Regarding South Korea’s decision to strengthen cooperation with NATO in July, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said, “I hope it will not be taken advantage of by being caught up in it. “I hope the the behavior will be clearly recognised.”

The North Atlantic Council, NATO’s main decision-making body, announced on its website on the 27th (local time) that “we have decided to accept the Korean government’s request to designate the Korean Embassy in Belgium as a NATO representative.”

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