State welfare card 2022 in case of incomplete registration status check update today

last check State welfare card 2022 poor card check public flow and Incomplete registration status still in the interest of the public A procession registered for the welfare of the state in accordance with government policy which bank officials together with the state treasury officials Rush to the area to receive the state welfare card registration in 2022 at various meeting points below – the village region in order to facilitate the public in general. to access state welfare Reduce the social inequality that occurs today. with people traveling to register busy at every point

Examples of field visitsRegister for a state welfare cardgive tophysically handicapped bed patientand those who take care of bedridden patients to facilitate because of inability to travel to register In Village No. 10, Khok Lo Sub-District, Mueang Trang District, Trang Province, registered the state welfare for the year 2022 to Mr Prasert. Bedridden and veteran and register for another carer for bedridden patients because they can’t go out and register themselves because they have to look after bedridden patients

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After that, he traveled to another house, Village No. 9, Khok Lor Sub-District, Mueang Trang District, Trang Province, which was registered under the State Welfare Registration Program 2022 for Mrs. Jit Bunnuan, bed patient. and 1 mentally handicapped person, including one carer for bedridden patients In Khok Lo sub-district, there are about 50 bedridden patients.

For the original data, provinceTrang Around 130,000 people have registered for the state welfare card, most recently, more than 1.4 hundred thousand people have registered. It is expected that at least 150,000 people will meet the criteria to apply for registration, with more than 10,000 participating stores.

State welfare card 2022 in case of incomplete registration status check update today

Guidance for registrants Incomplete registration status it can be performed as follows:

1. If the status “Registration incomplete” Because check with the Provincial Administration Department database and find that “The Registrar has a spouse”, but the fact appears that the Registrar’s spouse is dead and has the spouse’s death certificate, or if the status is “There the registration is incomplete because it has been checked with the Provincial Administration Department database and found that “The registrant who informs the number of children is not complete, please check the number of children and each person’s identity card number information” , but the fact appears that the registered children are over 18 years old. Ask the registrant to check the registration status again today, Tuesday, September 20, 2022 from 6:00 AM. forward

2. If the status “Registration status is incomplete” Due to other reasons, the registrant can apply to check the accuracy of the information at the district office, district office. If the information is found to be incorrect, correct it. or if it is found that the registered information does not match the civil registration information, such as the number of children under the age of 18 is greater than the registered child information, etc. Contact to amend the information at the registration agency that the registrant has only submitted the registration form and those who register themselves through the website can contact to amend the information at any registration agency.The review must be completed by Thursday, November 3, 2022.

Registration progress for the State Welfare Registration Project 2022 Pornchai Thiravej, Director of the Office of Fiscal Policy As stated by a spokesperson for the Ministry of Finance, he explained that a total of 14,984,824 people have registered, of which 9,180,479 have been registered through the website and 5,804,345 registered through registration agencies.

State welfare card 2022 in case of incomplete registration status check update today

cause publishing the results of the 2022 State Welfare Registration Program “Registration Status” with “Incomplete Registration Status” because the registrant’s information does not match the database of the Department of Provincial Administration. as follows

1) Those who register as monks, novices, nuns
2) The registrant’s information was not found.
3) The registrant’s personal status is invalid, dead, or has moved abroad or sold.
4) The registered person is not of Thai nationality.
5) The registered member is under 18 or the date of birth format is incorrect.
6) The registrant has a spouse
7) The registrant informs the spouse’s information incorrectly.
The registrant informs the full number of children but the child’s ID card number is incorrect.
9) The registrant who informs the number of children is incomplete, check the number of children and the ID card number information of each child.

repeat that Interested citizens can register today until 19 October 2022. There are 2 channels:

1) Register via the state welfare card website Available between 6:00 am and 11:00 pm every day.

2) Registration through 7 registration agencies, namely the branches of the Bank of Agriculture and Agricultural Co-operative (BAAC), Government Savings Bank, Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited (Krung Thai Bank), provincial finance offices in all 76 provinces throughout the country under the Comptroller General’s Department, all 878 district offices nationwide under the Ministry of the Interior, Bangkok district offices, all 50 districts, and Pattaya City Hall, Pattaya City. according to the days and business hours of each department

For registration during weekends and holidays, people interested in participating in the program can register at the above bank branches that are open in department stores. To facilitate people who cannot register during the week

Reference – Krungthep Turakij and the Ministry of Finance

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