Stay tuned for KTMS US PCE stocks special report (23 December 2022)

As a result, the SET Index closed at 1,616.67 points, +6.73 points, +0.42%, trading value of 43,068 million baht, foreigners -172.48 million baht, TFEX +15,758 contracts, fixed income -2,099.64 million baht.

a positive factor

+ The University of Thailand Chamber of Commerce said the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic The resolution helped push New Year’s spending to more than 100 billion baht, the highest in three years, after people planned more parties and travel.
+ TAT predicts domestic travel during the New Year festival between 31 December 2022-2 January 2023 will be 3.14 million domestic tourist times, generating an income of 11,200 million baht and an Average Stay (OR) entry rate of 75%
+ Russian President Vladimir Putin says that Russia wants to end the war against Ukraine. Military conflicts often end in diplomatic negotiations.

a negative factor

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 348.99 points -1.05%, while the Nasdaq fell more than 2% as investors worried that strong US economic data would push the Fed. Continue to raise interest rates for a longer period than expected. This will lead to a recession in the economy.
– WTI crude futures fell 80 cents +1% to close at $77.49 a barrel. as investors worry that an increase in the Fed’s interest rate and the number of cases of COVID-19 The increase in China will affect the economy and demand for oil.
– The US released 3Q/2022 GDP growth of 3.2%, higher than the first and second estimates of 2.6% and 2.9%, respectively, driven by strong consumer spending. Including a reduction in the number of US trade deficits.
First-time claims for unemployment benefits rose by 2,000 to 216,000 last week. But still below analysts’ expectations of 222,000.

– Various cities in China have started distributing antipyretic drugs to citizens. after the number of people infected with COVID-19 rises across the country Most people have not been tested for the first time. After the government suddenly canceled the implementation of the zero COVID policy recently
– Mr. Paiboon Nalinthrangkun, President of the Association of Investment Analysts Revealed in a special forum, “Is the stock sales tax worth it?” that the stock sales tax even set the Thai stock market back 10 years in terms of liquidity. And it will be very difficult to revive. The good liquidity in Thailand at the moment comes from foreign investment of up to 50% If collecting taxes, it makes foreign investors have the opportunity to disappear completely. Because the taxes collected are higher than the fees paid when trading. And it is expected that the turnover will decrease from 60,000 million baht per day to 30,000 million baht.

today’s market trends

Thailand’s stock market index is expected to fall in line with foreign markets. after the US revealed GDP 3/2022, expanding higher than expected As a result, investors are worried that the Fed will continue to raise interest rates. Keeping an eye on the US PCE numbers to be released today. The index is expected to move within a range of 1,605-1,620 points.

investment strategy

• Shop well, enjoy a night in 2023 : BJC CPALL MAKRO CRC COM7 SPVI CPW JMART HMPRO ZEN M AU
• Number of people infected with COVID-19 Domestic acceleration : BCH CHG EKH THG WPH

stock special report

IPO price 3.10 baht (PE ratio 37.29 times), fair price 4.12 baht

•KTMS or KT Medical Service Public Company Limited, operates the business of providing hemodialysis services with hemodialysis machines. in the form of specialist dialysis clinics and dialysis units in hospitals On 30 September 2022, the Group has a total of 254 dialysis machines and 20 dialysis units covering most areas of the country.

During 2019-21, the revenue was 183 million baht, 213 million baht, and 310 million baht, respectively, with a CAGR of 30.6% per year from the continuous expansion of hemodialysis clinics to 7 branches, 14 branches, and 18 branches , respectively , with a net profit of 0.56 million baht during the year 2019-21, a loss of 26.7 million baht and a profit of 16.8 million baht, respectively 277 million baht +28.3%YoY from the expansion of 2 more branches of hemodialysis hospitals to a total of 20 branches on 30 September 2022 resulting in a 9M22 net profit of 15.7 million baht +108%YoY accounting for 86% of the 2022 projection at 18.2 million baht.

•Profit forecasts during 2022-23 approximately 18.2 million baht and 41.3 million baht, respectively, growing at an average CAGR of 56.9% per year, according to the plan to increase service capacity by expanding 14 more branches and adding 123 machines another dialysis. within the year 66

• IPO price 3.10 baht (PE Ratio 37.29 times), the number of IPO shares 76.6 million shares, worth about 237 million baht. Objectives 1) invest in a dialysis hospital with hemodialysis machine 2) invest in a hemodialysis solution factory and engineering service center and 3) used as working capital in the business

**Globlex Securities is the co-underwriter of this capital increase, who will receive an underwriter’s fee**

news stock

(+) ACRE (Bloomberg consensus 4.98 baht) shows the numbers clearly. A strong inflow of foreign tourists, a share of 80%, pushing the occupancy rate of Hop Inn in December to 80%, while the luxury group is at least 90%, confident of good tourism next year The occupancy rate recovered strongly. Encourage additional government measures, while RevPar will increase well and return to normal in 2024. Continue to expand the Hop Inn brand in Thailand from more than 50 locations currently available in the Philippines.Strong profit Q4/2022 with a target of 5 baht (source Thun Hoon).

(+) SINGER (Bloomberg Consensus 40.50 baht) Puffer year 2023, strong performance growth of 50% from 2022, accepting customer portfolios – expanding branches, ready to reveal the progress of “Buriram model”, recently started to establish branches – partially lending Chu is another driver for a bright business and aims to buy 640 million baht to go ahead and buy back shares to manage liquidity. Project D-Day begins 23 December 2022 (source: Thanhoon)

(+) MACRO (Bloomberg Consensus 39.00 baht) has a chance to enter the next round of MSCI in February 2023 and is another stock that benefits China’s return to opening up the country. 4Q/2022 norm profit is expected to be the highest in the year at 2.2-2.3 billion baht, growing by 40% due to high tourism season. And sales per one store (SSSG) turned positive, looking at the profit in 2023 growing 75% to reach 13 billion baht (Ma Than Hoon).

(+) FIRE (Bloomberg Consensus 5.00 baht) Highlights the total number of new loans in 2023 not less than 30 billion baht, growing 12-15% from the previous year after the opening of the country, tourism, and consumption improves. Anticipating that next year’s truck sales will reach 25,000 units, with tight NPL control at a low level of 3%, confidently in 2022, the port will reach the target of 53 billion baht (source Thun Hoon)


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