Staying up all night watching the wave for a long time has a profound effect on the body 5 main healing methods from traditional Chinese medicine |

Take care of your health while watching waves

Whenever a big football match is held, because of the time difference, fans who love football can only stay up late to watch the game. As a result, I was depressed at work, dizzy and hot, and suffering from various ailments. Everyone needs to know that staying up late for a long time will have many long term bad effects on the body.

Chinese medicine teaches 5 main healing methods, suitable for those who stay up late to watch the waves.

In fact, in addition to watching football matches for entertainment, many people have to work through the night due to their busy schedules. In today’s society, working late at night or even staying up all night is quite common among Hong Kong people. In addition, many types of work require shift work or long-term night shift work, which also puts a burden on the body. In other words, the sleeping habits of people who work night shifts for a long time, such as people who stay up all night occasionally, will also be reversed, which will affect their health.

affect brain function

It seems that disturbed sleep can greatly affect work performance. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can slow brain responses, reduce concentration, and reduce memory, affecting work performance during the day.

Especially for mechanical operators, a little distraction often has serious consequences. Therefore, in order to buy time to work through the night, the performance is often not as good as expected. Rather than working hard and staying up all night, it is better to find a way to allow yourself to enjoy high quality sleep, and your work performance may be better.

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