Steam can customize the game background image, and the player’s spoof “Bayonetta” was blocked by the producer’s Twitter ???? | 4Gamers

A recent wave of Steam updates allows players to customize the game background image in the collection library. Whether it is the upper banner or the lower pane, you can right-click to replace the image settings. Therefore, many players have played spoof creativity for a while. For example, overseas illustrator StormYorha, he changed the new background of “Magic Warrior”, M&M’s Chocolate, but was discovered by the producer Hideki Kamiya, and then blocked for tracking. ????

Of course, this should be just a joke between Hideki Kamiya and fans. Of course, every player can use his own creativity to change the style of his collection. The banner can choose to change the background or logo, and the game pane at the bottom is also Right-click and select “Manage” → “Customized Artwork” to upload pictures.


Seriously speaking, such a refreshing function may not be very practical, but if it is a live host who often shows off his desktop or game library, it may be a brand new stage.

Friends who have time may wish to take the time to log in to Steam and play in the collection for themselves.

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