“Steam Deck” is finally available! ?Sales immediately start in the Japanese region – however, the 64GB model is still a little deposited | Game * Spark-domestic and foreign game information site

Komodo has announced that Valve’s ultra-compact gaming PC “Steam Deck” will switch from a pre-order format to an immediate sale format in four Asian regions such as Japan.

In this announcement, although the pre-order format for the 64GB model will only continue in Japan, the waiting time for pre-order purchase will be removed and immediate purchase will be possible. The docking station will continue to be pre-ordered in Japan.

  • Orders for items in stock, which are ready to buy, are dispatched approximately two weeks after purchase

  • We will continue to respond to pre-ordered items as quickly as possible, and will send emails regarding pre-ordered purchases as soon as inventory becomes available.

In the future, it seems that the situation will be as described above. There are advantages and disadvantages to a normal gaming computer, but will the “Steam Deck” that allows you to enjoy gaming easily as an all-in-one package spread to more people?

“Steam Deck” sales are accepted from the official website. Please note that sales other than the official website are not made.

At the time of writing, both 256 / 512GB models appear to be in stock.

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