Steam PC Cafe Adds Lineup of 3 Console Games Including ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’

▲ Photo: Playweed

On the 14th, it was announced that three console games were added to the lineup at the Steam PC Cafe where Playweed is running.

Steam PC Cafe is a service that provides global game service Steam games serviced by Valve so that you can enjoy them for free through domestic PC rooms. . In addition, about 20 types of titles are converted and serviced for free for coexistence with PC room owners.

The titles added this time are ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’, ‘Days Gone’, and ‘Hell Divers’. These three types were developed to be enjoyed on PC.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ is an open world action role-playing game in which the user develops a worldview and story in a future world dominated by animal-shaped robots that have evolved into an open world action role-playing game, in which users must solve their fates using various hunting tools and machines.

‘Days Gone’ is set in the background of two years after a deadly epidemic spread to mankind, and users can enjoy various story progressions according to their choices in single play.

‘Helldivers’ is a top-down action shooting game in which the user becomes a member of a special forces unit. Infiltrating strongholds such as rebels and aliens, completing missions, and progressing the story to get out. You can enjoy a cool shooting towards the alien hordes approaching from all over the planet.

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