Steam “Pleasure Extreme: Hot Flame” is only 100 yuan! 95% LIMITED TIME OFFER INVOICE BREAK | 4 Gamers

Although the racing game market is not as huge as other RPG action adventures, it is still worth trying for newbies at least during the specials, especially when AAA games are discounted to 95% off. The digital deluxe version of the racing simulation “Need for Speed: Heat” released by EA in 2019 is currently only NT$100.

“Speed ​​​​​​​​​Pleasure: Hot Flame” is currently in the trial game for free, players can play before October 3 without purchase, but EA has offered a bigger discount, the game body is discounted’ n big from NT$1,999 to NT$100, time It runs until October 12th.

According to the store information, the deluxe version includes 1 starter car – the KS version of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X starter car – which can be used in the player’s garage at the start of the game, and 3 other KS version cars can be unlocked as the game progresses, There are also 4 unique character outfits, as well as a 5% bonus to reputation and cash.

95% off Fastest Steam: The Heat until October 12th.

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