Steam praised “Country Rhapsody”, an adult version of Stardew Valley with a very open country style, and by the way, it faked the blonde female assassin | 4 Gamers

Day 2 NNN. In order to revive local industries, energetic young people came to a small village full of beautiful women. This is not the first time that such a script has been applied to an adult game, but “Rhapsody of the Country” developed by YooGame has taken this seriously The old-fashioned story is given in the farming simulation gameplay of Stardew Valley, and it has received extremely positive reviews on Steam.

Just as the adult masterpiece “Summer Rhapsody” describes a little brother who went back to the country for summer holidays while comforting the lonely older sisters, the development of the noble circle has garnered very high praise, “Country Rhapsody” itself is also one. a similar development of the harem order, but the beginning of this work Before entering the main subject, I will teach you how to farm.


Yes, from the very beginning, players can experience the farming simulation gameplay like “Stardew Valley” It has a set of tools that will not be damaged. You only need to buy seeds with basic money, and then spend time shoveling the ground. Plant the seeds, water them every day, and then wait for the harvest, and then sell the crops to make money.

Of course, you can’t let women stop you from farming, but everyone has their own ambitions. After all, some men are not interested in farming, but they make full use of their infinite testosterone, like the the women in the village can feel your ambition to increase production and serve the country.


The progress of the game is quite simple. Without any time limit, as long as you complete the objectives given in the task (distribute items to NPCs), the intimacy increase event will be triggered slowly, and then the intimacy behavior H scene can be unlocked.

Not only do players have Mrs. Shugen and the wife of the village chief who can initiate the strategy, but they also have the company of young women such as Hongying, Feiying, Xiangru, and even Aunt Mei, who can suck soil while sitting on the floor ■ As long as you are ok, the development team is also ready. CG is waiting for you.


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With the development of the plot, you will see how depressed the village is, and the presence of a player who responds to your needs is like releasing the desires in everyone’s hearts and making everyone happy.

After all, the name of the game is Rhapsody, so the cows, little goats, snake spirits and fox spirits that appear in this work are all accessible. As a sketch game for adults, the development team almost doing what they think. Let the game give players a variety of different kinds of experiences during the Raiders process.





However, this work also has a particularly bad design. In the game, you can collect video tapes to play adult images, but the parties in the screen are very bad …

In fact, at first glance, this is the role of “Spy House Wine” and “Hollow Knight”. If one day he receives a copyright canon, such a picture may soon disappear (the game can also be dangerous).



In any case, “Country Rhapsody” was originally an adult game based on the gameplay of “Stardew Valley”. The plot design was not thorough, and it was full of familiar Internet memes.

After this game was released in early access in October, it still has a very positive reputation for almost a month, proving that such a free and unrestricted game is accepted by gentlemen. If you want to farm, you can farm, and if you want to sow, go to the party. Unlocking a bunch of interesting H events has become the most anticipated content of this work.


“Country Rhapsody” continues to be updated and is expected to add new characters The game itself is for all ages, and you need to download the Shishi patch outside the Steam discussion area to unlock content adults.


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