Steam Rogue Light Stone Drop “Peglin” is moody. The production of “fault –StP –LIGHTKRAVTE” is amazing. “DRAINUS” is interesting.This Week’s Gaming

Now Gaming is a loosely written section every Sunday about the games each writer played that week. This is the 338th time. It’s already summer.

Steam Deck Tips 01

This week, I played “DRAINUS” which I saw at INDIE Live Expo and bought immediately. It adopts a system that sublimates while taking advantage of the masterpiece STG, and it is interesting that it leads to customization of your own machine by absorbing enemy bullets. It goes well with the sharp pixel art visuals that are unique to this developer. By the way, this work works fine on Steam Deck.

Here’s a small story. With Steam Deck, you can shoot screenshots with the STEAM button + R1. However, depending on the game, the R1 operation may interrupt and you may not be able to take the intended picture. Actually, in Steam Deck, the shortcut key for screenshot shooting cannot be changed. On the other hand, it can be additionally assigned to any key in the controller settings for each game. We recommend the back button, which is disabled by default. Assigning here is convenient because you can take screenshots at your favorite timing while playing.
by. Taijiro Yamanaka

Expectations for the continuation of the main story

This week, I was playing the fantasy science fiction novel “fault-StP-LIGHTKRAVTE”. This work is the first in the Prequel series of “fault”, which depicts Luzenhide, who was peaceful before “fault – milestone one”. The main character, Kaji, is a boy who wants to paint. For some reason, Kaji continued to practice painting, but he faced a big wall. Set in a world where a unique mana-based civilization has developed, the anguish, frustration, and growth of a boy struggling to make his dream come true are depicted. Ritna and Princess Selfine five years ago from the main story also appeared. Although it is one of the “fault” prequel series, the story of a seemingly mediocre boy was well organized by itself.

Compared to past series works, the production was strengthened in this work. You can see how beautiful the graphics, including the background, are by looking at the screenshots, but the standing pictures move well in the game. Although the phrase “animation to watch” has an exaggerated impression, there were scenes where the production was so focused, and the story was accompanied by flowers. I would also like to expect the continuation of the main series to be released, “fault – milestone two below”.
by. Keiichi Yokoyama

Interesting but not interesting

I’ve been playing “Peglin”, which was delivered on Steam Early Access last month. It’s a game I really like, and I feel ideas and ingenuity, but I’m still addicted to it. “Peglin” is a pachinko game that builds a rogue light deck. It feels like a roguelike RPG element is attached to “Peggle”. It’s insanely well thought out, and you combine the orbs and relics you drop to strengthen them and drop your own strongest ball. The stage composition, enemies, orb characteristics, relic synergies, etc. are insanely well thought out, and I feel ingenuity and ideas everywhere. Pictures and music are good. However, he doesn’t want to play all the time.

Probably because the play itself of dropping balls (pachinko) is a big taste. Normal deck-building games are card-based and are a choice among the fixed cards. On the other hand, dropping a ball will cause tremendous damage if you are lucky enough to hit the block. Even if the developer makes an effort to make adjustments, the upside when the ball pops well will be too big and it will be a big taste. When it comes to deck-building games, balance is the key, so this great taste may make you feel less nervous and dull. However, since the game side is also adjusting to allow inflation, it seems that you can enjoy it obediently if you think of it as a big-tasting ball-playing game rather than a deck-building game. The roadmap was announced the other day, and the developers are motivated. I want to keep an eye on how it will change.
by. Ayuo Kawase

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